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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

fabric cover for a ring binder

i made this ring binder cover from an old bed cushion cloth, which i cut to size, stitched some rows of sashiko (kantha) stitches in blue, Brown and White.
sewed it to fit a binder (middle width, a4-size):

(the binder will probably hold loose Journal pages)
These squares had been prepared before and now were placed on the front and back cover:

sewed on the squares with a White thread (running stitch again)
now this should be enough postal stamps for matching the ajj-challenge this month;)

Saturday, July 04, 2015

contemporary quilts

i´m getting so behind... (esp the photo book i wanted to make about our Dresden trip... too much other things going on in summer - which is finally here!)
last week i visited an Exhibition of contemporary quilts (almost last Minute...)
this Museum is gorgeous, and the Special Exhibition was, too!
all of the quilts were big sized and hung properly. most of them were like large "Pictures" or wallhangings, some other fabric installations also were included.
it was allowed to photograph (without Flash) and so i did.
i will only Show the ones i liked best - though i must say i adored most of the Pieces (only few were quite "traditional", but well made, too - and only one Artist simply was completely failing my sense for artistic composition etc.)
i´m going to Show some of the pieces (in full and Detail) - all are lettered with the names of the artists, so you can Google them if interested in more.
my absolute favorite first:

185x165cm / 2012
"hier et demain/ gestern und morgen"
(translates: yesterday and tomorrow)
old Cotton, lace, photos
printed with various techniques (including photo Transfer), appliqué, handstitched and machine quilted
this Artist is looking for material on flea markets to include them in her creations


two creations of the same (swiss) Artist.
above: "Stickers Tagebuch"
(translates: stitcher´s diary)
182x182 cm / 2013
playing with the traditional Patchwork style of "samplers" she created this "collection" by handstitching the pieces 
below: "textiles Universum"
(translates: textile universe)
220x230 cm / 2013
taking fabric scraps, leftovers from previous works, she cut circles and padded them. she applied them to the dark Background and did free handstitching around them.


196x165cm / 2015
(translates: transmigration of the Soul)
used tea bags, Golden threads, golden paint
sewn, painted
thinking about life, death, parting and let loose... the fragile, transparent material of the tea bags corresponds with the fragility of life. injuries of the Soul are Shown by some fissures of the material... the golden threads and paint are representing the precious moments of life.

again two pieces from one Artist:
"Marathon 1" (103x328cm / 2012)
and "marathon 2" (180x180cm / 2012)
both pieces: Cotton, Acryl, rust, machine quilting
(the lower one here is worked in trapunto technique)
capturing the signs of time with the medium rust is apt to Show the unstoppable process of changings.

"der platz der Schamanin"
(translates: place of the female shaman)
floor Installation plus blanket
240cm Diameter / 130x160cm
old textiles and yarns, leather, beads, pieces of Shells, corals, hooks & eyes, seed, dyed mull, acrylics, raw wool, lace from soluvlies

(translates: parts of Meadows)
this Artist works in Transfer technique using "wonder under", printed with natural plants 
appliqué, machine stitching and quilting

138x215cm / 2012
"Mongolei" (one of two variations)
Cotton, acrylic Color
dyed, decolorized, painted, machine quilted
inspired by a travel to mongolia; worked after photos and sketches she made there

172x186cm / 2012
"128,07° W  51,39° W"
dyed Cotton and cotton-vilene, polyesterorganza, paper lamination of own photos, decolorized, machine quilted



These last three quilts are from the same Artist.
usually i photograph the printed Details that accompany the pieces,
so you can find the Details here:

Thursday, July 02, 2015

second look

here you see an old fabric Collage from 2008...
 i think no description necessary.
 it is for the monthly challenge over at bleubeard and elizabeth:
(click logo to be directed there)

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


... is the danish word - "sterntaler" in german, "Starbucks" (?) in english...

the Color combination at SOC this week is:
red - red - metallic
and i thought the metallic Color in this case should be golden
i used a Background from artistry/foxey grunge (altered in size)
the golden elements are mostly from Sissy sparrows,
Starbucks brush made by myself

Sunday, June 28, 2015

the old raven jeans

  i totally forgot to post the rest of the Jeans-leg´s stitching here.
this Strip is quite finished, and i might make some more in this style one day (maybe for a blanket, or whatever...)
just some Details (for the record;))