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Monday, July 28, 2014

take-a-word: poppies

i photographed a lot of poppies this year.
  so i wanted to incorporated one of these shots (here one from the corn fields) into this collage.
background is from 2 lil owls and the other elements from cvisions (sbg)
frame: shadowhouse
another photo layered with a texture from cruzine (bought in a designcuts deal).
anais nin quote with font daft brush (also bought in a designcuts deal)
for me poppies are really a synonym for summer
font hedgerow, clipping masked with a free flickr texture.
the black magick 10 texture from shadowhouse makes the picture glow.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

art journal journey: flower power

only one week left and this wonderful challenge will be over... so far i did not find the time to participate - incredible, as this is one of MY themes... the music of the flower-power era totally influenced me.
so i made a spread in my long neglected braille journal with the title of "where have all the flowers gone" (by pete seeger), in the vietnam demonstrations often performed by joan baez.
i think this anti-war song has much actuality (near east, ukraine...)

the making:
i started stamping the letters (heindesign, no longer availabe)

the "flowers" i made at the sewing retreat recently: 
layered circles of various tinted papers, stitched with colorful yarn

then the "flowers" were enhanced with neocolor II

stamped these dylusion leaves with my beloved vivids

glued on the circles with doublesided tape
...and called it done!
(now i have to work myself through more than hundred entries so far... phew! that might take another month;))

3-muses-challenge: articulated paper doll

well, i´m cheating... my camera dates say this paper doll is from febr ´04, means she has seen her 10th birthday;) [actually i don´t know where she hides at the moment;)]  but as this was before my blogging times, it is her first appearance here...
she was created on tinted paper (her name is on her arms: fish woman) with stamps only.
her hair is made of octopode tentacles and her body full of maritime motifs.
laminated and articulated by eyelets.
actually this is a sample for how my art has changed... in my first years of creating (1990ies) my work was dominated by stamps - over the years i got more and more into collage style and various media (and even much digital work lately). but nevertheless i still love my stamps. they often are good texture-givers in the background, and even made into ps-brushes they are of good use...

(i tried to find the template to share, but i don´t know in which depth of the pc it hides...)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

MiFoC juli {woche 4 - brief}

 viel zu selten dekoriere ich meine briefe.
teils aus faulheit (weil´s dann pressiert zur postleerung...) oder auch ein bisschen wegen der befürchtung, der schöne umschlag könnte langfinger bei der post in versuchung führen.

dabei freue ich mich total, wenn ein schöner umschlag bei mir ankommt. und die hebe ich auch auf und binde sie zu "umschlagbüchern", die tolle taschen sind für kleine kunstwerke...

und bei manuela gibts die post anderer künstler/innen zu sehen...

Friday, July 18, 2014

morning walk

i had a walk in the morning, as the day was forecasted to become very hot and the next week probably will be rainy. so making some reserve shots for editing in photoshop.
i had to deal with a felt gazillion of gadflies and unfortunately forgot to change my glasses before (so i had on the ones with the straight temple arms, which use to slip from the nose when i´m bending down...). but i got a lot of shots - especially of queen annes´s lace. and even some wild berries are already ripening.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

MiFoC juli {woche 3 - getränk}

 am 21. mai (sagt meine speicherdatei) musste ich zum ersten mal in diesem jahr meinen rasen mähen. ich schiebe das immer hinaus soweit es geht, denn erstens müssen sich zuerst die krokusse zurückziehen können und zweitens tut es mir immer so leid um die vielen gänseblümchen, die dabei unter den rasenmäher kommen.
dieses jahr wollte ich ein paar hinüber retten in ein späteres dasein und habe einfach einige köpfe in wasser gelegt und zu eiswürfeln gefroren...

 ab und an mag ich gerne so einen bitteraperitif (alk-frei und ziemlich lecker, schmeckt so ähnlich wie campari, wenn man das mag)...

... und genau darin landeten jetzt ein paar von meinen kleinen daisies.

was den anderen teilnehmern an getränken diese woche eingefallen ist, seht ihr bei manuela.

Monday, July 14, 2014

take-a-word: silhouettes

"without words"

it had to be a quick piece, as summer is busy, my younger son is leaving the nest and lots of things are to be done (i think i´m living at ikea these days;)) - but i wanted to play as i love silhouettes!
this is a pre-scheduled entry, as i´m currently at a retreat with some sewing pals since friday.

found the crocodile skin at textureonline, lightened it with kim klassen´s confusion and placed a silhouette picture above and called it done.
thought about words (something like: the revenge for stealing our skin...), but then couldn´t bring it to the point... will think about it another time...

Friday, July 11, 2014

nähwochenende - sewing retreat

schon vor jahren ist aus unserem münchner stempeltreff eine unterabteilung nähtreff hervorgegangen, die sich im sommer für 4 tage über ein verlängertes wochenende trifft. 
jeder näht nach herzenslust nach anleitungen oder frei, mit maschine oder ohne, es geht einfach um den spaßfaktor und die gesellschaft.
dort bin ich jetzt wieder von heute bis montag.
auch das endspiel der wm werde ich dort schauen.
(die take-a-word-challenge habe ich vorgetimert.)
dann bis nächste woche!
we have a sewing retreat every summer for four days, meeting in bad aibling. everybody can sew with or without machine, according to instructions or free... just for fun and meeting with like-minded. that´s where i will be from today until monday.
(the take-a-word challenge is pre-scheduled, but i can´t link it before moday evening or tuesday.)
see you next week! 

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

three-muses-challenge: yellow + bicycle

background: freebie from almhoej_sunny days
bike: from the font microbrew ornaments (published by albatross studio; not free), supersized;
freddie mercury photo googled
songtext font: queen the first (of course!) - embossed and shadowed
frame: shadowhouse_black box1 (blending mode lighten)

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

sieben. zu. eins
(ok, hätte man auch gelb/grün interpretieren können. heute aber nicht)
*da muss man sich zwicken*
am nächsten morgen auf dem weg gelegen, voll im regen:
symbolisch für all die tränen, die die brasilianer gestern nacht geweint haben...
sie haben mir echt leid getan. ich glaube, das war etwas, was beide seiten nicht fassen konnten...

the soccer match last night was unbelievable... 
i was really feeling sorry for the brazil team - it was beyond every imagination...
and the flag lying in the rain the next morning like a symbol for all the tears the people cried...