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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

family time

whitsun means an additional Holiday, so both sons came home for a Long Weekend.
time for baking:)
on friday:

the whole Family loves this streusel (=crumble) cake and it is made fast and easy:

for the dough melt (and cool down) 250g butter and add
200g sugar
1 pkg vanilla sugar
1 egg
1 pinch of salt
1 pkg baking powder
500g flour
mix all that with the dough hook to get streusel, spread and press down ¾ of it on a baking tray (with baking parchment) - save the rest for the finishing streusel (crumble).

for the filling:
mix 1kg curd (Quark)
1 pkg Custard powder/ powder for vanilla pudding (38g)
150g sugar
1 egg
Juice of  ½ Lemon
spread this on the dough and put the left over streusel (crumble) dough on top.
bake at 160° (circulating air) for 40 min
(half of the recipe makes a round cake pan;
in this case the eggs stay 1 for the dough and 1 for the filling)
remember that scrap-stitching from last week?
i made another one, much smaller, which i will use as Cloth for my Drinks.
it will get stained with coffee mug rings, but that is what i´m looking for;)

and i saw a Long tear in the trousers of son#2.
i asked him if i should repair - and he agreed.
first i wanted to make a really contrasting patch under it with some boro stitching, but he is always a Little contrarian ("I want to have it on top")... and then i stumbled over a fabric Piece from tim holtz in my stash (i normally would not buy this expensive stuff, but it had begged to me when i found it to my surprise in a shop in Augsburg, where i never would have expected to get this; i loved the pattern and bought half a meter)
well, that is what i did:

next week there will be a break here again, as i am on a trip to copenhagen with 3 girlfriends.
we make a travel to a City each year, and i hope the weather will become better. it was cold and rainy the last days, but we had the "ice saints":
in some parts of europe we have a meterological effect in mid-may with increased likelihood of night frost, falling on the feast days of certain Saints thus jointly nicknamed "frost Saints" or the "ice Saints" (german: die eisheiligen)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

back To normal

when we visited my brother-in-law in california quite some years ago (1998), i remember we often went to Star*bucks to get some good coffee. actually he made us familiar with this brand as we often got not so tasty one elsewhere.
i´m sure that has changed meanwhile
and my opinion about this Company also has, if i exceptionally may get political here... there are some critical voices about their tax-avoiding manners, esp here in europe - and in General i like to Support smaller Shops... but who am i to spoil the wish of my BIL... 
my brother-in-law got married in seattle recently, and when we asked what they would like to be gifted with, they wished for a subscription of Star*bucks coffee.
i found this cross-stitch pattern at pinterest
and thought it might make a matching greeting Card.

last week i was brewing a big pot of dandelions to dye some Cotton.
with not much of result, the fabric stayed quite pale yellow.
after all the Action i did an Internet search and learned that dyeing of fibers is more effective with animal stuff (silk, wool) than with botanical fabrics (Cotton, linen...). maybe i could improve the result a bit with mordants (alum etc), but i´m not sure i really want to dig in deeper. not at the Moment.

and i came across a box of blue patterned fabric scraps.
i basted them onto a White Background...

and started to embroider with ochre yarn
this works esp fine for keeping the edges/Meeting Points down.

and timmy enjoys the warm and sunny weather as i do...
the lilies of the valley are in full Bloom.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

barcelona (3)

i´m still working on my book of Barcelona,
so the current theme at ajj is just perfect for me...
of course i edited two of my photos to make them more apt "Journal style",
and the above one is the first.
not only the catalan flag has stripes, even the clouds were matching;)
texture: shadowhouse, font: draft brush
most of the following pictures are the way i put them into my book,
amongst others a selection of graveyard photos:

i altered one of these photos for ajj:
poppy seeds are a Symbol of death, as they are bringing sleep...
textures from pink lotty, font: Dirt2SoulStalker
in Museums you often are not allowed to photograph,
so i made an Internet Research to recall some for reminding...
thus i made the following two pages for the book:
we visited the fran daurel Museum in the poble espanyol,
exhibited are local artists of this and the last century.

i was very impressed by picasso´s first years´ creations and actually was not Aware how Young he started painting in such huge Quality!

one of the colorful painted roller blinds -
making my contribution to TsfT
(chupito translates: dram, nip; dt: Schlückchen)
and i think i will come to an end with two "gothic" photos:
the cathedral - with a unicorn gargoyle
(the dove did not want to leave the horn...)

and this bat, a Detail from the arc de triomf...

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

barcelona (2)

as i can´t visit a City without (if possible) going to a graveyard,
i also brought some Pictures with me
the above one is taking up a songline from bob dylan (you can hear a nick cave Version here) -
so it fits the current ajj challenge, too.
texture from kim Klassen, moon from the net, cancellation brush selfmade
and of course i can´t leave out the fantastic Barcelona song from Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballé,
to which i dedicate another digital page:
These are gaudí´s chimneys from the rooftop of the casa milà
and i had to take the font "queen" here... and another texture from kim Klassen;
stamp selfmade, cancellation brush also.
this is how our days started: the breakfast at our Hotel, with lots of fresh fruit, buns with cheese and ham, Salami etc, and fresh baked Little sweet pieces (the Hotel´s bakery must have been at our floor, because this was the first smell every morning when we left our room - yummy!).
great selection of various coffees etc, too!
the city´s largest market was near our Hotel
in hindsight we really knew it was a good choice to book our time in barcelona from sunday to friday...
just look at the photos below - starting late on thursday many People seemed to come into town for a Extended Weekend...


yummy icecream :)
a "must see" - the sagrada familia
more Towers or more cranes? ;)
it is planned to be finished in 2026, the 100th anniversary of gaudí´s death.
on top of the bell Towers: mosaics of venetian glass

contrasting styles of sculptures at the Passion and the Nativity entries
below: view to the ceiling:

the columns look like trees, very organic
elements of nature are everywhere in gaudí´s work

the light in the basilica: on the left you see the colorful glass Windows -
if you step aside you see the light only, from a 90° angle... it´s like Magic!
well, i will stop here with the sagrada famila,
it would be a neverending Story...
i was surprised, how the orange trees sometimes have blossoms and fruit at the same time.
and that smell of the blossoms, aaah...
choose the base, the Colors, the Accessoires individually and create your own sandals
are These high heels cool or what?
(not that i could walk a single step in them;))
and a flea market is not bad as well...

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

barcelona (1)

i´m back - physically.
after 5 days in Barcelona i´m trying to get back to normal. on the last day my husband and i have got some infection (with fever and intestine issues - fortunately it only broke through when we were home... but we feel weak and exhausted).
anyway - it was a wonderful trip and of course i will make a photo book of it.
so my time the next weeks (probably...) will be focussed on my oodles of photos,
and i will share some of them here.
this street perfomer is my entry for this week´s TsfT;)
our Hotel was located absolutely central at the "ramblas" - near the opera Gran Teatre del Liceu
the spanish and the catalan flag:
on our first day we walked to the cathedral (engl / deutsch)
there are a lot of gargoyles around it,
but i thought this ram was a very Special one:

the cathedral has a wonderful cloister, where 13 geese are living...
various interpretations are given for them: they were good Guardians in the past... the White feathers are representing immaculacy...
(and the number 13 is due to the Age of Eulalia, when she suffered her martyrdom - she is the Patron saint of this cathedral)

and at the fountain the dancing egg Tradition is performed on the feast of corpus christi
(info here - engl)

the choir stalls from the
knights of the Order of the Golden Fleece

the ceiling:
as mentioned, the cathedral is dedicated to Eulalia of Barcelona,
whose Body is entombed in the cathedral's crypt.
Walking around in the alleys of the quarter "barri gotic"...

down to the Harbour:

the Aerial tramway to the Montjuïc hill:
These are some impressions of our first day... more to come...