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Thursday, March 05, 2015

pennant: gathering under the moonlight

still in the pennant Modus;) i think now i can tie them to a bunting...
texture stamp from red Castle/judi kauffman
transparancy photo painted with White Color on the back, glued on with miracle tape (vlvs) + framed with washi tape
text printed on old ledger with font attic
linking to moo mania & more

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

pennant: claw

another entry for moo mania  more: black bird
again a pennant with acrylic Background;
claw on transparency, glued on with Diamond glaze and washi tape;
stamped in red with texture from red Castle/ judi kauffman

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

pennant: heaven sent

again spray painted Background including a Music sheet, some writing with a White neocolor II on it.
angel is a transparency from artchix, that means about 10 years old... i painted it with White acrylic on the backside and cut it out.
words stamped with ma vinci´s graven Alpha (medium size)
linking to mix it monthly and ajj 

Monday, March 02, 2015

second look: the raven legend

"the second on the second" over at elizabeth´s blog means posting a Repetition of an earlier creation on the second day of a month...
for february i Chose to Show my raven legend fabric book from march 2008
if interested in all six pages of the book click here.
well, the theme corresponds with current challenges, but i won´t link it as it is an "Oldie" - 7 years old. i still love it and this theme will always be Close to my heart.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

graveyard angel

being in the pennant mood [didn´t i originally plan to work on UFOs??!] i made a Background of spray painted cardstock and Music Sheets.
the graveyard angel is a transparancy, layered with White tissue and cut out.
"silence" written with font attic on ledger paper
[if pennants don´t qualify in the challenge ajj please remove from the linklist;)]

Saturday, February 28, 2015

raven pennants

today is the last day for playing with the fabric theme of mix-it-monthly...
and of cause the black birds of mm&m are in my mind.
(plus poe, who always goes well with the raven, so i also link this to the quoth-the-raven challenge)
i hadn´t made pennants for a while, so that was my idea when i came over a paint-leftovers smeared cardstock - i could cut out 4 pennant shapes from one Piece

(and i had a mysterious leftover of a "T"... why mysterious? i also had a "T" cloud when photographing this morning, using the last rays of sun before the bad weather came back...)
for sure you see the central "T"...
what does it mean - asks the question mark...
and i see a sort of skull in the bottom part of the "T"...
okay, i stop questioning...
back to the pennants:
i found These two raven heads in my stash of printed fabric and sewed them onto two of the pieces:
a Little stamping (red Castle/judi kauffman) added a bit more texture and colored fingers are always good for the Soul..

i printed parts from the raven Poem of e.a.poe onto ledger paper with font blood of Dracula
some finishing touches with my beloved neocolor II (can´t live without them) and i thought it would be done.
but they were not sturdy enough to my taste and so i gave them another cardstock backing, which i glued on with some cheese Cloth between the sandwich. done.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

blackbird singing in the dead of night...

a "hybrid": spraypainted stenciled Background... a magpie my tomcat had killed - photographed... a stamp from green pepper press with the McCartney lyrics turned into a photoshop brush...
linking to mm&m and ajj

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

quoth the raven

one of my fave themes at the new mm&m challenge:
black bird - schwarzer vogel
(i decided to go with ravens, not the "blackbirds" in the narrower sense as turdus merula; dt: Amsel)
i took the silver/blue altered book, which has been my first one, started in 2003...
i just recently had bought some stencils from umr (they have a huge collection) and one of them was this: 

with a wet Baby wipe i dapped the stencil, and after drying the Silhouette appears (works fine with dye-inked pages):

now the difficult part: to choose among all my raven stamps
(i have about 40, plus 20 from green pepper press and others, which are not sorted into the raven-box, but in "Company"-boxes...)

for the Quote i took one of my ma Vinci Alphas: 
recently i bought a White inkpad from stampin´ up (a Company of which i have almost nothing, but i was told they have the best White inkpad, so i had to have it)
actually it really stamps very juicy, almost like acrylics - but it has to be heat set for drying. (it does not even dry over night by itself.) Long heat Setting! really Long!!
but i had thought about embossing and decided against the shine of that, i think it Looks better this way (the Background looking through):

i went for green pepper press stamps, as they are beautifully big.

then added postal stamps (e.a.poe) and stuff...
[actually now i think i should have enlarged the postal stamps and printed them... too late...]

finishing touches were shading the letters etc and adding quite some dyed cheese Cloth (so i link it to mix-it-monthly)
and of course also to art Journal journey: BIRDS, BEASTS and HUMANS
edit: and there is a challenge named 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


die liebe Susi fragt nach kalorienarmen gerichten
(weil sie 3 kg abnehmen will; ha, das würde man bei mir gar nicht sehen;))
deswegen habe ich hier mal einen meiner "Dauerbrenner" fotografiert, ich koche nämlich auch für mich allein mittags, ich brauch da einfach was warmes...
also, es beginnt damit, was der vorrat an Gemüse hergibt, heute sind das:
(Kalorien hab ich extra nachgeschaut und berechnet!)

(das schöne ist, dass man das mit den verschiedensten Gemüsen machen kann; wenn die Familie mitisst, nehme ich auch gern eine große Süßkartoffel und halt mehr von den anderen Sachen..., zwecks der farbe könnte man noch Paprika reinschnippeln usw)
ein paar frische kräuter stehen auf meiner Fensterbank, hier verwende ich etwas Rosmarin und Thymian.
wird in eine Auflaufform (die hier ist 31cm lang! nur damit man sieht, wie viel da dann drin ist...)
geschnippelt, in die ich schon 1 EL gutes Olivenöl getan habe.
alles Gemüse wird nun mundgerecht geschnitten... salzen und pfeffern und mit dem öl vermengen.

dann ab in den ofen:

und dann: guten Appetit!
[warum ich trotzdem nicht abnehme? na ja, ich bin eine süße...]
today Susi asked for dishes with low calories.
i think the Pictures are self-explanatory...

Sunday, February 22, 2015

fabric inchies and other dabbling...

the weather was unfriendly over the Weekend, and as i consider my blog to be my creative diary i just Show what i did on sunday...

you know that "never throw anything away" Motto - even SMALL parts of paper, or in this case: fabric are hoarded.
These measure one Inch and are leftovers from various Projects...

then i sewed around each inchie (otherwise they maybe would solve them from the pelmet again)
this one was even smaller than an Inch square, so i framed it with a molotow acrylic pen. (pelmet is a fantastic material, you can paint on it also)
tried to draw with the acrylic pens on the fabric, but it soaked in and was not to my delight...
now: what to do with the inchies?
i was looking for small stamps... (here: paperartsy)
... or just inking parts of a stamp as here: 
now the other ones (too dark to be stamped on) will come into a box and be worked on with pailettes, Buttons or other stuff and be used on an upcoming Project, whatever this may be...
then i wanted to dye some spreads in my old silver/blue altered book.
i brought out my dye inks
(here: vivids and adirondack)
after tinting some spreads i thought i might make Patterns with Baby wipes:
wet towel wiping over a stencil (brand umr) above a dried page,
and after drying of the circles it Looks this way:
in the end i soaked up the rest of the blue water with the Baby wipe,
so another Thing not wasted;)
linking my post to mix-it-monthly and take-a-word (both with theme fabric)
and moo mania&more (circles)
edit: and in my comments i just got the hint that paperartsy has a "miniature art" challenge right now! so i will link it there also (ha, and i had even used some of their stamps;))