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Sunday, April 30, 2006


i´m super-busy preparing a new fabric book!!!

first i wanted to make a book about the doors, but then i realized i couldn´t find enough pics of the band or jim morrison to make a whole book. i was searching the net, but always came up with a few samples of the same pics, mostly even blurry when enlarged. so i decided to give the band 5 pages in a book about the music of the 60ies/70ies.

this is the time music was most important to me. i grew up in a small rural town and f.e. janis sang exactly what i was feeling! - it´s not that i don´t like any music of nowadays, but i think no music will influence me as deep as the songs of this past time - my youth:)

so i´m currently looking for pics of (some of) my favorite bands to print on fabric, for matching background fabrics and i´m browsing the net for their lyrics to pick out some lines to add to the pages. i love this work of searching and composing!! it puts me back to the mood of the 60ies and 70ies. i´m getting sooo nostalgic LOL! and i suppose the book will be a thick one:))

there will be some bands to get a separate book in the future as i can find enough stuff about them: led zeppelin, bob dylan, the rolling stones, the beatles...

i have already made two books last year: about janis joplin and grateful dead. you can see them in my picturetrail.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

wonderful spring days...

although it is still a little fresh in the morning, the afternoons are wonderful now: lots of blooming meanwhile, yellow pilewort (scharbockskraut), violet and white anemones... the only ones i´m missing (or will they still come?) are my small wild red tulips. --- no time for art these days, rainy days will come for sure...

hops is starting to climb...

first cherryblossoms...


i´m so happy the chessflowers are back. they took a break last year;)

Friday, April 21, 2006

metal craft book

today i got a new book which i just LOVE!! it is from linda&opie o´brien and has the title "metal craft - discovery workshop" (north light books, $ 22,99). if you love metal, this book is a *must have*! i just checked out the first quarter, where the basics of metal techniques are described. i MUST try out that "floating" method with ammonia and salt... (why don´t i have ammonia at home?!). the blue patina of this recipe is adorable! - there are many ways to treat metal and to transfer pictures upon it... and later on in the book there are some projects of the o´briens - i must check out some of them closer... i´ve always had a thing for metal (collected tin toys) and this is just a book i was waiting for! highly recommended!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

what´s up

no time for art these days... first the easter holidays were quite rainy and suddenly i got the fever to clean my working room, where hundreds (probably thousands) of lessons for school are laying in shelves... some not held in hand for years, because i thought i might make something better... now parts of the room are a huge mess, more or less. it´s high time to clean out, but very time consuming. i plan to make that space under the roof becoming a "real" room, so far it is bare brickwork... AND: i hope to find the space for a table there where i can do some art or at least let my sewing machine stand for a while... at the moment i´m still working at our dining table, that means a lot of my time is cleaning it for the next meal!

sun is shining now since yesterday. did a lot of work in the garden. many spring-blossoms are out now, but my elder son has the camera with him in rome (yes, rome! i have never been there...) so i can´t take pictures of them. so far are blooming in the south: ageratum (blausternchen), puschkinias, violas (veilchen) and the first daisies (gänseblümchen), which will be thousands in a few weeks :) - in the north i have liverleafs (leberblümchen), anemones (buschwindröschen), corydalis (lerchensporn) and even one hellebore (christrose) opened its blossom (i don´t have too much luck with them, the more i enjoy this one!). - actually we have quite a small garden, but every inch is covered with some flowers at least once in the year:)

aah, and i hope the last frost is over now, so i set the lizard and the snake out... don´t they look like alive? i bought them in a pottery nearby and like them alot. wish i had a larger garden to buy more of them. the photos are older ones (as the camera isn´t at hand now...).

Saturday, April 15, 2006

altered cab card "surrounded by butterflies"

we had quite mild weather and i saw the first butterflies of the year dancing in the garden. --- again the shimmer of the (green) dr.phil martins colors doesn´t show up in the scan...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

cab card "moonlight fairy"

these cabinet cards are too addictive! background colors are acrylics, overstamped with brilliance. the moon is from artchix.

Monday, April 10, 2006

altered cabinet card

today i altered my first cab card. the scan doesn´t show the shimmery paints of dr.phil martins (love these!). the ricrac was from carma biz (if i remember right) and fits perfectly to the background colors.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

4x4 - a hat makes the difference

4x4 - will you dance with me

numbers on the flower from juxtaposed, as well as the dancing skeletons (copied on transparency)

blue 4x4

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

more 4x4

this page has no backside yet. dolls fixed with colored and stamped tape. transparency at the bottom burnt on the edges and fixed with staples.

at the left a juxtaposed stamp is used along the right --- right pic: butterflies from juxtaposed, printed on transparency, fixed with staples and sewn on.

4x4 - first attempts

i never made 4x4 pages before. not yet used to it, but i think i go quite comfortable with it. - these are thought to go into a private little fat book. dolls are one of my fave subjects. added stamps from melanie sage ("juxtaposed") and some from my fleamarket-finds from saturday.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

crocus in full bloom

as said, the day started sunny. crocus in full bloom now (snowdrops´ best days are over). first bees are flying. should cut the branches of the appletree, but the moonphase says these are not the best days therefore (we have waxing moon). will wait. and better get swapped my loteria-cards...

fleamarket finds

we had rainy days recently, so the happier i was when i saw the sun was shining this morning. the first saturday of the month is the day of fleamarket in our little town. - first it looked as if i couldn´t make a good find today. but then... one booth had LOTS of old books written in old letters. some had gotten a bit damp, so they were very cheap. i bought some and hope they will dry and not molder. one has wonderful technical/electrical diagrams, which will be perfect for making transparencies of the drawings. - another find was waiting for me: a big heap of neoprint-letters! they were cheap also, as they are not complete and some are damaged, but there surely will be enough left to play with in "lynne perrella-style"... and i don´t have to cry when i ruin one with acrylics or so... - there is just one thing i couldn´t find: a bigger house for all my mess... anyway, happy for today:))

mexican loteria - la escalera

yesterday i finished my cards for the monthly mexican loteria swap shortly before deadline (at my home, hehe, as i am the hostess). theme this month was "la escalera", which translates "ladder" or "stairs". i made 3 variations of the theme. that loteria thing is the only pure stamping thing i do these days. i started it in january ´03 and it will end in may next year. we have around 20 players each month and if you wanna see the cards of the other participants, they are at the homepage of acappela.