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Sunday, April 30, 2006


i´m super-busy preparing a new fabric book!!!

first i wanted to make a book about the doors, but then i realized i couldn´t find enough pics of the band or jim morrison to make a whole book. i was searching the net, but always came up with a few samples of the same pics, mostly even blurry when enlarged. so i decided to give the band 5 pages in a book about the music of the 60ies/70ies.

this is the time music was most important to me. i grew up in a small rural town and f.e. janis sang exactly what i was feeling! - it´s not that i don´t like any music of nowadays, but i think no music will influence me as deep as the songs of this past time - my youth:)

so i´m currently looking for pics of (some of) my favorite bands to print on fabric, for matching background fabrics and i´m browsing the net for their lyrics to pick out some lines to add to the pages. i love this work of searching and composing!! it puts me back to the mood of the 60ies and 70ies. i´m getting sooo nostalgic LOL! and i suppose the book will be a thick one:))

there will be some bands to get a separate book in the future as i can find enough stuff about them: led zeppelin, bob dylan, the rolling stones, the beatles...

i have already made two books last year: about janis joplin and grateful dead. you can see them in my picturetrail.

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