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Thursday, April 20, 2006

what´s up

no time for art these days... first the easter holidays were quite rainy and suddenly i got the fever to clean my working room, where hundreds (probably thousands) of lessons for school are laying in shelves... some not held in hand for years, because i thought i might make something better... now parts of the room are a huge mess, more or less. it´s high time to clean out, but very time consuming. i plan to make that space under the roof becoming a "real" room, so far it is bare brickwork... AND: i hope to find the space for a table there where i can do some art or at least let my sewing machine stand for a while... at the moment i´m still working at our dining table, that means a lot of my time is cleaning it for the next meal!

sun is shining now since yesterday. did a lot of work in the garden. many spring-blossoms are out now, but my elder son has the camera with him in rome (yes, rome! i have never been there...) so i can´t take pictures of them. so far are blooming in the south: ageratum (blausternchen), puschkinias, violas (veilchen) and the first daisies (gänseblümchen), which will be thousands in a few weeks :) - in the north i have liverleafs (leberblümchen), anemones (buschwindröschen), corydalis (lerchensporn) and even one hellebore (christrose) opened its blossom (i don´t have too much luck with them, the more i enjoy this one!). - actually we have quite a small garden, but every inch is covered with some flowers at least once in the year:)

aah, and i hope the last frost is over now, so i set the lizard and the snake out... don´t they look like alive? i bought them in a pottery nearby and like them alot. wish i had a larger garden to buy more of them. the photos are older ones (as the camera isn´t at hand now...).

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  1. Oh my honey has been cleaning the garden and working like a wild boy! me inside doing art!! so hope this weekend will be nice too so I can play!! herbs coming up and lots of chives!! and my plox is blumming and soon a few others too so hope to post pics when it gets a bit more colorful!!! enjoy!!!
    hugs Linda


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