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Thursday, March 30, 2006

booklet "der rabe"

i´ve made the first of the booklets for the fabric book today (at least the pages; cover not done yet). it is the one with the german text. pages glued together with colored tape. pages separated by transparencies. (pic at the bottom is the inside cover + first page; last page shown on top)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

the sewing of the 6 pages is finished, but no black backings yet. this will be the boring part;) ok, let´s call it meditative. you can see the pages so far at my picturetrail.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

the raven - first page of fabric book

seems these are the days to go on with half-finished projects...
the last weeks i started to prepare and collect things for a fabric book. it is based on my all-time-favorite poem THE RAVEN by edgar allan poe. concept is: to make 6 pages, which will be backed with black fabric. then each two of them will be sewn together on the bottom and the sides to form a pocket that is open at the top. makes three pockets for the text of the poem, which will be inserted in bookletform (divided in three parts; or two parts in englisch and one german translation). the 3 pockets will be connected by eyelets and fibers. i have some stamps and embellishments bought from silvercrow creations, which will be perfect for this:)

colored tape

rainy day. good for experiments. --- my elder son is playing volleyball and therefore needs lot of adhesive tape for his fingers;) he always wants to buy the colored kind - "way cooler". i see. and it´s way cooler for me, too - as we all know there is nothing in the house you could not take for your art, hehe. fact is: colored tapes are very limited to buy (blue, red, green, yellow). but... WHITE is the hit!! today i tried if dye inks would be good to ink the tape. what can i say - they are PERFECT!! you can give the inkdrops directly onto the tape and brush, add some water for lighter colors, you can make a mix, running the colors into each other... just as you need it for your project!

here are my first strips: i teared white tape from the bobbin, fixed it on a sheet of transparency (sorted out from older school stuff) and started painting...
how cool is that?!

finished songbook

i finished the songbook (for the moment; maybe i will add more pages from time to time). you can see it at my picturetrail in the album songbook grateful dead.

Friday, March 24, 2006

songtext "fire on the mountain"

another page in the songbook. the next ones are easy to do, as i have prepared the dye-inking and text-copying. even the pics are mostly at hand. just have to pick up some stamps and finish the pages:)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

paperquilt "egypt"

(click on the enlargement sign at the right bottom to see full size clearly;)

today i made this paperquilt with egyptian motifs. it was fun and i want to credit the idea for this kind of quilts to teesha moore, who showed the how-to in her zine "art and life" issue 2.
stamps i used (7) are all from stamp francisco. i was asked if i would like to be a featured artist on their new website (soon to come;) and i had agreed. then i had a block, as i often have when i have to concentrate on stamps/products of one certain company... in this case i have thousand ideas what to make with other stuff. today i thought i might make a paperquilt. i hope it is not too large for them, will see... i do not want to make a "pure" stamping project at the moment.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

"china girl" songtext

so this is the page of "china doll". will make holes on the left for binding.
used various stamps, fiber (drawn through eyelets), rickrack and a pic from my large amount of doll-pics. the black german scrap and the golden charm at the bottom of the fibers are from artchix.
(the pic is quite huge, so go to the enlargement sign at the right bottom of the pic to see it clearly;)

preparations for songbook "grateful dead"

when i made a fabric book about grateful dead last year, i decided to make a songbook of their music, too and ordered 2 faux licence plates of the band (see below). they should become the covers of the songbook. recently i found them again under a huge stash of other stuff and decided it´s really time to start now!!
the holes at the side will be perfect for binding (and i have some steal-your-face shoelaces therefore! deadheads know what i´m talking about and all others will see. soon, hopefully;)

i tinted some sheets of cardstock with dye ink and printed songs of the dead on them. today i began to embellish the first one - the song "china girl". will upload it instantly...

Monday, March 20, 2006

3 variations on a skinny halloweenbook

these pages are 7x4 inch size - made for a group of 30 participants. i decided to concentrate on the subject gargoyles. the right part are the backsides with some text information (on transparency) about gargoyles. the stamped gargoyles are from toomuchfun rubberstamps, the faux-postage strips are custommade with this website.
i´m curious for the bound book to come in may (hopefully) - it will be my first of this kind of collaboration.

deco page "red and black"

this is a deco-page i made last week for kirbanita in lisa vollrath´s deco-group. theme was "red and black". on a fabric base i stamped with a stamp from alice in rubberland (out of business, which i really regret!) and decorated the right border with black german scrap from artchix.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

my mixedmedia blog goes online...

i did it! i really hesitated to create a blog (even more time at the pc...), but my pal linda koch just convinced me... i hope for myself that will force me to do a bit more art than i recently did - due to real-life-work:(
my goal is to have at least one entry per week.
so far you can see my work at