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Sunday, May 28, 2006

confirmation day/ firmung

had no time to post this week as i had to prepare the confirmation day of my youngest (most work was to move away the stashes that are building themselves everywhere in the house...). this is a photo i took after the confirmation yesterday. he never would have allowed to post it, so i altered it a little...
wir hatten gestern firmung, deswegen war es in der letzten woche still hier. mein "kleiner" (12) hätte nie erlaubt, sein bild hier zu zeigen, also hab ich ein bisschen änderungen vorgenommen *g*

Sunday, May 21, 2006

backcover - the doors 5

actually, this is my favorite page and the one i started when i planned the book. but of course it had to become the last one...
this is the end...
not for me, hopefully;) --- now i will let the pages sit for a while and look around for further embellishments... they can only be added before i will sew the fronts and backs together...

hope you enjoyed the journey through the past with me...

page 26 - the doors 4

saturnine good look
magnetic stage presence
the wild shaman of rock

doesn´t he look divine?! (and he always will... as he died 1971 at the age of 27 in paris, where his grave still is a magnet for fans)

page 25 - the doors 3

songs of evocative lyricism and atmosphere...

page 24 - the doors 2

as said, i hadn´t many pics...
so i did a little computerwork and tripled this one, giving it different background colors and doing a little overlaying...

page 23 - the doors 1

originally i wanted to make a whole book about the doors - but had to notice i couldn´t get enough pics therefore. so i concentrated on the best i had and made 5 pages...

Saturday, May 20, 2006

page 22 - jimi hendrix 4

we had a fun experience last year when we bought a new guitar for our elder son in augsburg. the storekeeper (a musician himself) told us his story having met jimi in the 60ies in munich, where he was a young employee in a musicshop. jimi (not famous yet) came in a vw-bus, stepped in, looked around and wanted to buy a Fender Stratocaster guitar - but as a left-hander he needed it turned upside down and re-strung. of course this young clerk was willing to take this challenge and satisfy jimi! and he is still excitedly and proudly telling it 40 years later...

page 21 - jimi hendrix 3

so famous though his time in the public was really short. he achieved worldwide fame in 1967 and died tragically way too early in 1970 at the age of twenty-seven.

page 20 - jimi hendrix 2

In 2003, Rolling Stone magazine named Hendrix number one on their list of the "100 greatest guitarists of all time".

YES, i agree:))

page 19 - jimi hendrix 1

a cultural icon


some doll scraps still laying around - had to make two 4x4s:)
coin with the bird is from last fleamarket, colored with staz-on ink, 3 small orange/rust tags also stamped with staz-on.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

page 18 - patti smith 2

the album easter (1978) was her most commercially successful record, containing the hit single "Because the Night"

page 17 - patti smith 1

patti smith brought a feminist and intellectual take to punk music and became one of rock and roll's most influential female musicians

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

page 16 - jefferson airplane 2

grace slick -what a powerful voice!
she wrote "white rabbit", one of my favorite songs:)

page 15 - jefferson airplane 1

american psychedelic rock...
again: a band present at the "milestones" monterey and woodstock...

page 14 - frank zappa 2

he was an excellent composer and guitarist, but died way too early in 1993...

page 13 - frank zappa 1

a genius!

page 12 - peter frampton

british rock music ... oh, well, loved his band humble pie (natural born boogie) , too...

Saturday, May 13, 2006

page 11 - ten years after

british bluesrock... yes, there are better songs than this one ( f.e. i´m goin´ home), but i liked the text...

page 10 - uriah heep 2

uriah heep again. couldn´t concentrate on one or two songs;)

page 9 - uriah heep 1

british hardrock with fantasy-orientation, melodic songs and trademark multi-part harmony backing vocals...
i owned the "demons and wizards"-album and could hear it all day...

page 8 - deep purple 2

a huge discography - hard for me to choose favorites...

page 7 - deep purple 1

wonderful hardrock - deep purple had a lot of changes in their band-members over the time. i concentrated on the ones i remember most;) ...

page 6 - canned heat

goin´up the country or on the road again - wonderful blues. did i already say i love the blues?LOL!
the band performed at the two great festivals at monterey in 1967 and woodstock in 1969.
...and don´t forget to boogie...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

quiltie swap received

yesterday i received the results of a quiltie swap christina biller (hamburg, germany) was hosting. we were 7 participants and everybody had to make 3 quilties 20x20 cm according to the wishes (theme + color) of the others. i chose the theme water in blue colors (i had the same in an us-swap where i got 6 pieces, so now i have 9 - enough to make a wallhanging:).
all the pieces i got were just adorable (see below)!! and imagine that: christina made for every participant a surprise present - a fabric bag going with the theme!!! and not a simple one!! i´m blown away by the shimmery colors and the great stamping effects she conjured! be sure to click the enlargement button to get an idea of all the beauty! (it is even MUCH more beautiful in reality!)

gestern kamen die quilties von einem swap zurück, den christina biller veranstaltet hatte. wir waren 7 teilnehmerinnen, jede sollte 3 quilties machen, 20x20 cm. dabei durfte jede ein thema und farbkombinationen vorgeben, was man bekommen wollte. ich hatte mir wasser in blautönen gewünscht (davon hatte ich schon 6 stück aus einem us-swap, jetzt sinds also 9, reicht für einen wandbehang).
alle stücke sind klasse (siehe unten)!! und das muss man sich mal vorstellen: christina hat für jede teilnehmerin zusätzlich als überraschungsgeschenk eine stofftasche gestaltet, passend zum jeweiligen thema!!! und was für eine!! ich bin hin und weg von den schimmernden metallicfarben und den tollen stempeleffekten, die sie gezaubert hat! auf jeden fall vergrößerungszeichen (re unten am bild) klicken, um auch nur eine annähernde vorstellung zu kriegen, wie schön dieses bild auf der tasche ist!! (es ist natürlich in wirklichkeit noch VIEL schöner als auf dem scan!)

quiltie from christina

this is the quiltie from hostess christina biller. how beautiful the batic fishes and the oyster with the pearl! in the tyvek-waterplants hide some shells.

das ist der quilt von christina biller, der veranstalterin des swaps. wunderschöne batikfische und eine auster mit perle! die wasserpflanzen sind aus tyvek und beherbergen wiederum muscheln.

quiltie from ute

ute krauß is a MASTER in sewing quilts!! i admire her art for a long time now, she never ceases to amaze me! go and click on the enlargement button to see all the wonderful details!

ute krauß ist eine MEISTERIN im nähen von quilts. ich bewundere ihre kunst schon seit längerem und sie erstaunt mich immer wieder! auf alle fälle vergrößerungszeichen klicken, um all die liebevollen details zu sehen!

fabric quilties received - from daniela...

daniela schroeder embellished the fishes with foil shimmering in all colors of the rainbow... so sorry the scan doesn´t do that justice!

daniela schroeder hat ihre fische mit "foil" (mit erhabener struktur) in allen regenbogenfarben verziert. sieht super aus und es ist sehr schade, dass der scan diesem schimmer nicht gerecht wird!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

page 5 - the allman brothers band

southern rock... peaches and mushrooms...
duane allman´s death by a motorbike accident in the early 70ies...
jessica is still one of my favorite instrumentals

page 4 - john mayall

eric clapton had been a member of cream as well as of john mayall´s bluesbreakers.
john mayall, father of the british blues, is still on tour nowadays (he´s 73 years old meanwhile). and i still love the blues. yeah!
and we all need room to move!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

apples in full bloom now. we had wonderful sunny weather for days now, not too hot, quite windy today. but you can nothing leave outside, in the shortest time everything is yellow, covered with pollen.

page 3 - cream

what to say about this supergroup? go and listen!!!

i feel free, white room and sweet wine are just samples for the wonderful songs of this band which existed way too short!!

page 2 - the who

anyway, anyhow, anywhere
i loved that song, as at this time i definitely could not choose where to go or how to live!!! it was such a promise in hard times. (no, i would not want to have that time back!)

at the bottom a line from join together with the band.

btw - no, i did not handdye the background fabrics. they are all storebought. by myself;) - i can choose now:))

page 1 - the who

i decided to begin with the who - as the line of their song "my generation" seemed to make a perfect subtitle for the book: this is the music of my generation, my youth, and i still love it and have it in my ears (which are half deaf - guess why!! --- oh, by the way, i also liked "guess who", which found no place in the book...)

when limp bizkit (the music of my elder son) had a big hit with behind blue eyes in 2003, i got sentimental as that was a hit from the who back in 1971. great song on the great album who´s next.

some of the pics in the book will be open on top to make a pocket - for tags etc to come... one day:)

i´ve started sewing at the fabricbook meanwhile. the good thing is: working on this i do not need the diningtable (and make a mess there, every family member complaining i do occupy it), so i can sew for ten minutes, put it aside - and sew on when i find another ten minutes... that´s why i love handsewing! (ok, i´m not good with the machine... and i suppose it should get some repair, but too lazy to carry it there...)

here you see the cover. most of the pics i use come from the internet, printed on white fabric.

i wonder who designed this background-fabric. s/he for sure was not alive in the 60ies LOL! or how can anybody mix up the sign for peace with the mercedes-benz logo?! - maybe i should take a fabric pen and give it a little correction;) !

Thursday, May 04, 2006

mexican loteria - el tambor

another card for the mexican loteria set had to be made... this month´s theme was the drums. i made two variations. hope to swap them this weekend.

re-arranging my picturetrail

i´m currently re-arranging my picturetrail. that means i deleted the pics from atc-swaps i hosted (mostly on a german stamping list). if anybody still wants to look up the pictures, they have moved to my yahoo-photoalbum.

ich hab mal ein bisschen ausgemistet, es wurde mir zu voll in meiner picturetrail. v.a. die atc-swaps, die ich über die gibgummi-liste veranstaltet habe, wurden umgeschichtet in mein neues yahoo-photoalbum.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

progress of fabric book

nothing to show yet, but things went on well yesterday. i spent 3 hours ironing songlyrics onto dyed cottontwill. will have to buy more of this tomorrow, 5 yards were not enough;) --- also ironed batting on every second page (so there will be one layer of it between front- & backsides). there will be 28 pages in the book, so i have to sew together 14 fronts & backs. and before there will be a lot of sewing of pics and lyrics (i only could iron on the lyrics to the lightfabric pages directly; the cottontwill must be sewed...). this will take a lot of time for sure, but it is something i can do in the garden (at least the handsewing part) and i will upload the pages steadily when they are finished. so stay tuned:)

the sad side...

some days ago the first bird had fallen out of the nest above our terrace. today followed #2 and #3. sad sound of silence now...:(((

the green explosion

friday/saturday were rainy and cold, but then the weather became better and now it´s just wonderful - more than 20°celsius:))
nature is exploding, you can literally watch the green growing! may is my favorite month of the year - so many shades of green, its a feast for the eyes!!

ok, this picture of the lilac is not very sharp, as there was always a little wind (or i´m a too bad photographer;) ---. but it can only take few days until it is fully opened! this is my absolute favorite plant!!! i could sit beside it and enjoy its smell day and night!

i always loved that forget-me-nots!!!

there are only a few days amelanchier lamarckii (kanad. felsenbirne) opens its thousands of blooms. afterwards it will look like snowing...

the white fritillarias (chessflowers) are standing in the north, so they took a few days longer to come out.