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Friday, October 12, 2007

ab spread "who is counting the souls"

this is a spread in the book i will name the "graveyard book", one of the series of my "death" ab´s.

i´m going to label it for michelle´s gpp street team crusade no. 13. (theme is "gothic")

happy first anniversary to the street team! - if it wouldn´t exist, it should be invented:)!!

if you are interested in my whole ongoing projekt i´m doing

about death altered books, click here

und das hier ist eine doppelseite für mein "friedhof"-buch, eins aus der serie meiner "todes"-ab´s.
damit möchte ich mich auch an michelle´s gpp street team crusade no. 13 (thema: "gothic") beteiligen.
dem street team einen herzlichen geburtstagsgruß! eine tolle sache - die man erfinden müsste, wenn es sie nicht schon gäbe:)!!


  1. johanna - wow! this is fantastic! i just scrolled down through your posts and saw all the pages you've shared so far. very cool. thanks for entering this in the gothic crusade. do you need me to send you a little vial of gravedirt to attach in your book? again, love this!!

  2. This is an amazing book. Really wonderful work.

  3. Hi, I came over from Green Pepper Press, and WOW. Your death books are beautiful. Great work.

  4. WOWZA, VERY cool AB!! Love the GPP stamps and rockin colors!!!


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