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Saturday, November 03, 2007

crush on card decks / faible für karten

hard times for my credit card these days... i had another sale to take advantage of - skybluepink is always good for some stuff you always needed...
did i ever mention i have a crush on card decks? (so i´m gonna post this for gpp crusade #12) i can hardly resist!! here are some of my order i got today. must count the decks one day and let you know how many i have (a huge box is filled with them...).
some of my favorites are tarot cards from monolith... check them out if you love gothic!
and of course hunting at fleamarkets is great for that passion, too!

so, falls ich diesen monat von trocken brot leben muss (was mir jetzt nicht direkt schaden würde *g*), liegt es daran, dass ich einigen angeboten nicht widerstehen konnte, die in letzter zeit reichlich in meiner mailbox landeten. unter anderem musste auch mal dringend wieder eine bestellung bei skybluepink sein... heute eingetroffen. die haben ja so tollen kleinkram, und immer wieder finde ich dort kartenspiele, die ich dringend brauche. hab ich schon mal erwähnt, dass ich da total drauf abfahre? (deswegen poste ich sie jetzt mal nachträglich für die gpp crusade #12) ich weiß gar nicht, wie viele kartenspiele ich habe, bei gelegenheit zähle ich sie mal, es sind jedenfalls eine große schachtel voll. und immer wieder findet sich was neues...

ein paar sehr schöne gruslige tarotkarten habe ich übrigens von monolith. und auch auf flohmärkten findet sich immer wieder mal was.


  1. johanna - the list of things we crush on can be endless don't you think? i can see why you crush on cards - these are very cool. it would be an expensive hobby to collect all the cool tarot cards that are out there. have you ever bought a blank deck and made your own? seems like that would be right up your alley!

    thanks for sharing with the team. i've just looked through all your posts - you are always up to something interesting! do you ever sleep???

  2. Johanna! I can't speak or write German! I hope you can read this!!

    Your blog is so FAB I can't stand it. I am so lucky to be very, very, very close, long-time personal friends and buddies with this Michelle Ward person, who always says great things about you, so that I can find great blogs from her site and follow her links over to here and see your goodies! Your stuff is chillin', baby. And I can't wait to find out what moo cards are. I'm all up in the moo thing, too, as soon as I know what it is!


    I realize I'm not so good with the English, either.


  3. chris, i can´t follow your email back and write you privately --- thank you so much, you really make me happy with your comment.

    about the "moo"-cards:
    a moo (mini)card measures 2,8 x 7 cm (ca. 1,1″ x 2,8″)
    the name comes from a company that makes card from your artwork in this special size:

    they are fun to make, though a little tiny;)

  4. Hi Johanna! The cards sets are soooo cool! Have you seen Tracy Roos' card deck? It's awesome!

  5. Cards are a nice thing to have as a crush! My crush is pink (which is very evident when looking at my blog, LOL!) Thanks for sharing! Kat :)

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