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Sunday, November 04, 2007

my muse LitArta

one of my muses is the one i call LitArta...
i´m definitely often inspired by literature - books, poems, songs...
so i think LitArta is constantly lurking and adjusting a moment she can hit me with her ideas...

that might be catching up with poe´s raven... with the speech of chief seattle... with shakespeare´s witches in macbeth... (you name it... click through my picturetrail and you get more samples than i can list here).

now last friday again she watched me in the bookstore - doing my favorite thing: digging in the modern antique books, which are sold to reduced prices.
and she directed me to a wonderful book i had never seen before:

eine meiner musen heißt LitArta...
ich bezieht meine inspirationen sehr oft aus der literatur - seien es bücher, gedichte, songtexte...
ich hab das gefühl, LitArta lauert andauernd, um einen augenblick abzupassen und mich mit ihren ideen zu überfallen...

das mag sein mit poe´s rabengedicht... mit der rede des häuptlings seattle... mit shakespeares hexen aus macbeth (das sind nur ein paar der beispiele... in meiner picturetrail findet sich noch mehr davon).

letzten freitag (vorgestern) nun verfolgte sie mich wieder in den buchladen - wo ich einer meiner lieblingsbeschäftigungen nachging: dem stöbern im modernen antiquariat. da gibts tolle bücher ja manchmal nachgeschmissen... und sie dirigierte mich zielstrebig zu einem wundervollen buch, das ich nie zuvor gesehen hatte:

The Dodo and Mauritius Island: Imaginary Encounters. a beautiful book (european publishers award for photography 2004!), obviously soon being discontinued.

it was sold at an incredibly low price and they had 2 books left.
you guessed it: i had to buy them both. - one for keeping (it´s just too beautiful) and one for slaughtering. and making my alterations with the cut-outs.

so that´s what i came up so far:

der dodo auf mauritius. ausgezeichnet mit dem european publishers award for photography 2004... und jetzt wohl ein auslaufmodell.

es wurde unglaublich günstig verkauft und sie hatten noch 2 bücher.
erraten: ich musste beide kaufen. - eins zum behalten (es ist einfach zu schön) und eins zum ausschlachten. um meine collagen mit den ausgeschnittenen teilen zu machen.

das ist bisher entstanden:

and it will go on (by the perforation you see this will become a book/-let). NO WONDER i´m sitting here on a pile of UFOs, if LitArta always deviates me...!!! it´s not my fault!!! you see?? i´m helplessly at the mercy of LitArta.
i hope she will never leave me:))

aaah, before i forget... the muses are theme of this month´s gpp crusade # 14! go and check out more people´s muses!

und es wird weiter gehen (sieht man an der lochung: es soll ein buch oder zumindest ein büchlein werden).
KEIN WUNDER dass ich hier auf einem haufen unvollendeter sachen sitze, wenn mich LitArta ständig vom weg abbringt...!!! es ist nicht meine schuld, ja?!? ich bin LitArta hilflos ausgeliefert.
ich hoffe, sie wird mir immer treu bleiben:))

bevor ich es vergesse: "musen" sind das thema des monats bei der gpp crusade #14! dort erfahrt ihr noch mehr über die musen anderer leute!


  1. Johanna - I am loving this post! I am grinning from ear to ear that you have named you own Muse, and a clever one she is. It's no wonder she found you. I broke into a full laugh when I saw you bought TWO copies if the Dodo book. That's exactly what I would have done, and I'm guessing most of your readers will be saying ME TOO. (How cool is it that title says Imaginary Encounters, just as we are talking about Imaginary Friends?!)

    Terrific post, terrific page....thanks for sharing with the Street Team. *high five*

  2. "LitArta", how apt! I also often find inspiration for my writing in other artist's work.
    Since finding the Dodo in Alice in Wonderland, I've always thought it a fascinating bird. Glad you're making him live on.

  3. Meine Inspirationen kommen mehr von Liedern und Songtexten, aber das ist genial- faszinierende Umsetzung!

  4. Johanna...what a fun Muse you have! I love your Dodo pages...they are so much fun to look at...thank you for sharing them!

  5. Love your post, love the dodo... check out a recent post on my site... I have an ATC with a dodo in it... how synchronistical! I don't know why I love the dodo... I guess I've always rooted for the forlorn and the underdog and the poor now extinct bird seems to need some love (or it did before it's demise) it seems so hapless. That book looks wonderful, I wonder if we have copies here in America? Keep up the lovely posts, they are very fun.

  6. I can so totally relate to this post too! Slaughtering is an excellant word for what we do, but it does not help how guilty I still feel ripping apart all of these inspiring, though discontinued, books. You found a gem.
    jodi barone

  7. Great muse! The pages turned out awesome!

  8. Oh, this is food for muse, for sure! I love the translation, too. I like to search through it to learn what the words are.

    But mostly, I have to applaud your muse, and thank you for your book recommendation. Now I'm sorry (again) that crusade 14 is over, because I didn't mention how much inspiration I get from the Spectrum Fantasy Art series of books. But I'm going to go over and blog about it, anyway. Better late than...

    how does it go?


  9. What wonderful artwork. I love the colors. I love the Dodos, too. Stunning, simply stunning.

  10. Wow! What a find! I would have bought the 2 books also. Your journals pages are outstanding. Do you plan a whole book centered around the theme of the Dodo? Thanks for sharing,
    Ingrid Dijkers


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