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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

icicle dolls: led zeppelin

heute hat jimmy page geburtstag (geb. am 9.jan.1944)

aber natürlich musste ich von allen vieren püppchen machen;)

today is birthday of jimmy page (born on jan.9, 1944).

of course i had to make dolls of all four bandmembers:)


  1. oh babee! I love these dolls!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog, I hope you return and join in the 2x2 art squares for charity. More info coming soon. :) Art on! ~Monica

  2. Herrlich, Deine Led Zeppelin Püppchen. .... Es ist ja nicht so, dass Du kaum bloggst ;-) ... Aber es stimmt, ich schlafe tatsächlich zu wenig ;-)

  3. super schön Johanna!
    you make my day! hihihihi...

  4. Grins, darauf muß mensch erst mal kommen!

  5. Happy belated Birthday Jimmy. I love your band of brothers here. Missing Bonzo but love that Jason has taken up the shoes.

  6. Johanna,
    Your icicle dolls are awesome!!!
    All your artwork is wonderful here!

  7. You always make the coolest things. Wonderful, again!

    You've been awarded by making my day :)

  8. na die hättest du mir mal schicken sollen. würden wahrscheinlich auch nur mir gefallen hehe rock on!


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