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Friday, February 08, 2008

valentinstag ist nicht mein ding...

valentinstag (genauso wie muttertag übrigens) ist so gar nicht mein ding. ich mag diese aufgesetzten, kommerzialisierten "feiertage"(?) nicht. ich freu mich über blumen mal zwischendurch (aber eben nicht über einen pflichtstrauß am 14.2.!) und wenn die kids nur an muttertag mal nett sind, kann ich auch drauf pfeifen. deswegen fand ich es sehr amüsant, auf diese anti-valentins-herzen zu stoßen...

valentine´s day (as well as mother´s day) is just not my cup of tea. i reject these commercial "holidays"(?). i love to get flowers now and then (and not as an obligatory act on feb 14) and kids that only would be nice to me on mother´s day... no thanks. so i was amused to find this site with the anti-hearts...

i quote from the site (go over there and you will find more pessimistic things;)

Like the ubiquitous candy conversation hearts, Bittersweets® are made of flavored, chalky-tasting sugar and sport a message on their face. But unlike other candy hearts, ours are stamped with bitter musings and mockeries perfectly suited to the dejected spirits of those who will spend the holiday alone, or wishing they were.

Messages recalling an almost forgotten, unbearably painful memory of being dumped. Or perhaps of a dysfunctional, psychotic ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. Or of that cruel-hearted girl (or boy) in elementary school who rejected your valentine solicitations, informing you that Jake (or Holly) was "so totally way hotter."

Now available in THREE unique collections- "Dejected", "Dysfunctional", and "Dumped"- with each featuring up to 37 unique sayings each!

Truly, Bittersweets® are the perfect gift for you OR for someone you love, especially if that special someone is one who doesn't want to hurt your feelings but just doesn't feel that way about you but still wants to be friends so they can torment you with stories about their crushes on someone who doesn't appreciate them like you do, can't love them like you can, and actually takes pleasure in corralling a herd of fawning "just friends" behind themselves as they indulge in one self-destructive relationship after another, with no hope of ever finding true love, despite an army of souls eager to lavish it upon them.

(You know what we're talking about.)

Supplies are limited. But the pain that accompanies them may not be.

Available in six different flavors, including: Banana Chalk, Grape Dust, Nappy-Citric, You-Call-This-Lime?, Pink Sand and Fossilized Antacid.


  1. Och, ich hab eh niemanden, der mir zum Muttertag (hüstel) oder Valentinstag (viel schlimmer) was schenken könnte, darum fänd ich´s wahrscheinlich sogar zur Abwechslung ganz nett!? Und letzteren haben ja zumindest nicht die Nazis erfunden ...

  2. Die Geschmackssorten finde ich ja noch viel besser als die Herzen selbst! Endlich mal ehrliche Angaben, wie die Dinger schmecken!


  3. vDen Mutteratg haben übrigens nicht die Nazis erfunden:


  4. LOL ~ Love their sarcasm as I'm not into the commercialized crap either! - Vicki xo

    P.S. Delete my email (sending saturday) if you don't want to see a pic of the 4x4 I'm sending you!

  5. OMG! Those hearts are hysterical! Thanks for the giggle Johanna!

  6. wieeeeee recht du mal wieder hast, ich würde das ganze sogar noch um ostern und weihnachten erweitern. finde diese pflichtveranstaltungen einfach nur zum schütteln


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