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Thursday, March 20, 2008

eraser carvings - crusade no. 18

als michelle das thema für märz vorgab ("cut it out"), dachte ich: super!! aber irgendwie zerrinnt mir der monat unter den fingern und ich hab noch nix zuwege gebracht... (hab leider auch nur alte platten, bei denen ich mir nicht sicher bin, ob sie noch gut funktionieren; aber ich krieg auch meinen hintern einfach nicht hingesetzt...)
deshalb dachte ich mir, ich zeige erstmal ein paar alte werke, "zurück zu den wurzeln", sozusagen...
die waren 1996 und als erstes musste natürlich ein alphabet her:
when i read michelle´s new theme ("cut it out") i thought: super!! but somehow the month rushes by and i haven´t made a single cut so far... (i only have old carving plates and i´m not sure they still press well... but actually: i can´t get my ass sat down;))
so i decided i would first make a post about my first carvings, sort of "back to the roots"...
that was 1996 and one of my first carvings was an alphabet & numbers:
man beginnt dann ja sehr schnell alles unter dem aspekt der schnitzbarkeit zu betrachten;) hier z.b. tiere, die auf einer latzhose meiner (damals kleinen) jungs waren:
soon i started looking at everything with the eyes of a carver;) here you see some animals i copied from my kids´ clothings:
und natürlich sind die lieblingskünstler immer sehr ergiebig:
and of course a great source were some favorite artists:

die fledermaus ist von niki de saint-phalle
bat from niki de saint-phalle
keith haring, of course
diese postkarte ist eine kombination von 2 stempeln (tiger + hintergrundblatt, das in verschiedenen farben gestempelt wurde) und einer folien-schablone (für den orangen teil des tigergesichtes):
this postcard is a combination of 2 stamps (tiger + leave in the background, stamped in various colors) and a transparency-stencil (for the orange part of the tigerface):

aber man kann statt der schablone auch einen zweiten stempel machen, wie hier am beispiel der katze zu sehen:
but you can also make a second stamp instead of a stencil, as you see with this cat-sample:

für heute reichts damit... ich hab massen von selbstgeschnitzten und vielleicht mag ich ja nochmal einen post dazu machen... spätestens wenn ich wieder mal was neues geschnitzt habe, versprochen!:))
enough for today... i have a lot of erasercarved stamps and maybe i will be in the mood to make another post... at least when i do something new, i promise to show you:))

aber für jetzt wünsche ich euch erst mal FROHE OSTERN...
but for now i wish you all a HAPPY / HOPPY EASTER...

und nicht vergessen:
and don´t forget:


  1. Ich wünsch dir auch ein schönes Osterfest!

  2. Johanna - thanks for sharing this post with the team. Fun to look back at your earlier carvings - and I love what you said: soon i started looking ay everything with the eyes of a carver. so true!! we start thinking in positive and negative, seeing bold and fine lines, determining how to translate an image in a carve-able way. those haring guys are way cool! and thanks for the visual on how to use a stencil or go-with stamp to coordinate a background. fabulous!!

  3. these are wonderful! I love the animals you "swiped" from kids clothes. I am thinking I need to carve some in order to MAKE some clothes for my daughter and son. Thanks for sharing, your work is great (I am especially fond of that tiger).

  4. Hallo Johanna,
    the tiger looks great, and LOVED the cat with the background stamp. Thanks for sharing (and maybe the next days you will have some time to carve in something else that an egg??)

  5. oooww Johanna I remember your senility egg *lol* I think it's fab. Just like all the other stamps you carved, wonderful job!

  6. These are great carvings, I really like the Keith Haring ones...and I really like your Easter senality, very funny!

  7. Cool stamps! I especially love the tiger!

  8. Hi Johanna, what a gorgeous tiger you carved! I really like seeing the way you put together the tiger and the orange background... helps me visualize how to do something like that, thanks! SO glad you're playing along, all my best, Kathy

  9. Klasse Stempel hast Du da geschnitzt, Johanna!
    Wünsch Dir auch ein schönes Osterfest! LG Ulla

  10. I think the animals from your kids' clothing were great! Thanks for the smiles. -Kim

  11. klasse deine stempelchen,Johanna!
    wünsche dir ein schönes osterfest!:0)

  12. Wonderful carved stamps, you are very talented! :)

  13. I love the rabbit - he looks very sly and scamper-y to me.

    Thanks for sharing all your fabulous stamps!


  14. Johanna! I am so glad you posted about using a "fill in" stamp to your carved gives me ideas!

  15. Johanna.....all of your stamps are so fun and wonderful. My fave are those animals from the kids clothing...those are so adorable.

  16. Your stamps cover so many facets of stamp carving and are wonderful as well. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration!

  17. Love how you did a " go with" kind of stamp for the tiger. I keep forgetting about that possibility. Wonderful to see what you've done even if not recent!

  18. You need to carv more this monty, hurry hurry, you can do it - all of these are so great! I specially love the childen's cloth line animals - way cool!

  19. Ohhh great cool stamps...


  20. looks beautiful. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

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