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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

wednesdaystamper "peace/frieden"

der 21. september (diesmal also der kommende sonntag) ist - von den vereinten nationen festgelegt - weltfriedenstag.
dieses thema bietet sich diese woche also an für die mittwochstempler.

eines der international bekanntesten symbole dürfte wohl das peace-symbol sein, das dieses jahr seinen 50. geburtstag feierte. am 21. feb 1958 trat es erstmals in london in erscheinung im zusammenhang mit der kampagne für nukleare abrüstung (CND).
das zeichen setzt sich zusammen aus zwei buchstaben des marine-flaggenalphabets: dem N (für nuklear - zwei arme unten) und dem D (für disarmament, also abrüstung - ein arm unten, einer oben). der kreis rundherum steht für die welt. bekannt wurde das symbol dann v.a. über die usa, weil es in den folgejahren immer wieder in bürgerrechts- und anti-vietnamkriegs-demonstrationen verwendet wurde. bald stand es nicht mehr nur für die CND, sondern wurde zum allgemeinen "friedenssymbol".

Every year, the 21st September (next sunday) is designated by the United Nations as International Day of Peace.

The Peace Sign, one of the most widely known symbols in the world, turned fifty this year. It was first displayed on home-made banners and badges in London on February 21, 1958, to mark the launching of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND).
The sign was later appropriated by scores of disparate protest movements, the US counter culture (which made it truly famous) and, because the designer has refused to copyright the symbol, by scores of marketers and advertisers. For reasons unknown the peace sign has resonated like no other and it's now, at fifty, one of the most widely recognized symbols in the world.
Ironically the symbol itself is a mix of the military semaphore signals N -- representing nuclear -- and D -- representing disarmament (semaphore alphabet). However, Gerald Holtom, a professional artist and conscientious objector during the Second World War who designed the symbol, subverted this use of semaphores by placing the D over the N, the "upside down logo" signifying his anti-military principles.


  1. Just Beautiful..Thank You for this wonderful challenge.

  2. Its gorogeus, great colours, fabulous theme

  3. This is a wonderful theme that you have chosen. It makes us all think and I like that. Your piece as a sample really inspired me this morning. Great work.

  4. eine tolle karte!!! und eine tolle challenge-idee!!

  5. Thank you for this wonderful theme and your card was really inspiring!

  6. Such a thoughtful theme. Love the card you made.

  7. and peace to you too Johanna ... great ATC ... great theme too ... Thank you

  8. You have brought us a wonderful challenge this week johanna, love your sampler.

  9. I love what you've done with this..the way the colors wash into each other.

  10. Thank you for this gorgeous, colorful and inspiring piece of artwork! What a wonderful theme!

  11. Absolutely wonderful and thank you for setting this theme - a great way to highlight such an important subject

  12. Johanna ~ your Peace offering is wonderful!!! Thank you for such a beautiful and meaningful theme, it really touches us all.
    Peace to you and yours! oxo


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