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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

the 3 muses - "bottles and jars"

reflecting about this week´s theme "bottles and jars" at the 3 muses i remembered one of our favorite drinks in my youth (the 70ies... oh my...): we loved to mix a shot of bacardi into our coca cola...

i painted the framing with a mix of green and white golden acrylics. stamp "coca cola" is from carmens´s veranda. i had to use print outs of the bacardi bottlecaps, because I COULD NOT FIND the real ones (i have some, in a nice "worn" condition... but ARGHH, i don´t know where they hide; i HATE when this happens!).

would you like to know how the bat became the logo of bacardi? i found the answer here:

In 1829 Don Facundo Bacardi Masso emigrated from Spain to Santiago, Cuba, bringing with him an inventive mind and a love for drinking. Immediately he discovered that the drinks, namely the rum that was popular on the island, was of a dark, rich, almost overwhelming nature.
With the development of the new Bacardi rum, in 1862 Bacardi purchased a tin roofed factory building in which he planned to start a distillery. In the roof of the building lived a family of fruit bats, considered to be a good luck omen in Cuban mythology. To this day, the official logo of the Barcardi Company bears the likeness of a fruit bat in flight.

als ich so über das thema der woche bei den 3 musen nachdachte, kam mir ein drink aus meiner jugend (den 70ern, jaja...) in den sinn: wir kippten gerne mal einen schuss bacardi in unser cola...

außenrum acrylfarben, überstempelt mit dem cola-schriftzug (von carmen´s veranda). ich musste für den bacardi ersatzweise kronkorken-bilder ausdrucken, weil ich meine echten (schön abgenutzt aussehenden) NICHT FINDEN konnte!! keine ahnung, wo die sich wieder verstecken!! das hab ich vielleicht dick, wenn ich weiß, dass ich was hab und finds ums verrecken nicht!!

nette geschichte übrigens, wie bacardi zu seinem logo kam: der firmengründer hatte sich eine fabrik gekauft, in der er seine destillerie einrichten wollte. unter dem blechdach lebte eine familie von fruchtfledermäusen, was laut kubanischer mythologie als gutes omen galt...


  1. Stunning piece, such a great idea and the colours just glow!

  2. Love this and the story behind the bottle caps. Excellent!

  3. Wow, what a clever idea & so well designed, lovely colours, perfect piece, Johanna!

  4. I remember that drink too and this is a wonderful way to remember it (without the after-effects too!)

  5. Very beautiful and original. And thank you for the bat story.

  6. Somewhere in the back of my mind is the song lyric "Drinking rum and Coca-Cola", but I can't remember the rest! Beautiful trip down memory lane. Thanks for sharing!
    Can anyone remember the name of the song? It escapes me!

  7. Ja ja Johanna war mal wieder kreativ. Ich bin immer wieder erstaunt, auf was für tolle Ideen Du kommst. Klasse.

  8. Great piece, Johanna. Yes, bacardi & coca cola....

  9. Love the colours and the story behind this one. Gorgeous and ...... Ah those were the days.

  10. Ah, I almost have in my mouth the taste of Cuba Libre ( the drink you just described). It brings some memories of an ex boyfriend, wonder where he is now...Thank you for bringing me this short memory and by the way, the art work of yours is stunning

  11. A drink of my youth too! Haven't had one for ages. Nice piece, well thought out and composed.

  12. Fun and brilliant piece and now you made me thirsty :D


  13. Wieder mal eine geniale Idee und klasse umgesetzt, liebe Johanna!
    Ja, ja - die Zeiten mit dem "Cola-Schuß" habe ich auch in vollen Zügen mitgemacht. War `ne schöne Zeit:-)

  14. ahhh, i remember those days too! love your short history story to go along with your entry. beautifully done!

  15. Soso, Bacardi-Cola, deshalb also die verzweifelte Suchaktion *g* Die Farben sind wirklich wunderschön und Fledermäuse sowieso klasse! In meiner Jugend war es übrigens eher Cola-Korn, was in der Rückschau mal ganz schön eklig ist.

  16. Bacardi and Coke...........that takes me back! great stuff... your art not the drink!

  17. Amazing that you came up with "rum and coke"...familiar in my youth as well. Love your piece and the history on the Bacardi Rum!

  18. Great take on the theme and I really enjoyed the story of how you created your picture and some history of Bacardi rum. I remember the old song Bev mentions. It was just called "Rum and Coca Cola".


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