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Saturday, February 27, 2010

SPA - "mermaids"

it all started with not having a good picture of a mermaid... i googled around and came across this site... (go there!!!) *mouth open*... have you ever seen or heard of a mummy of a mermaid?! i bet you haven´t. nor have i. but now i had my idea for the challenge;)
a fisherman´s story...

(the small stamped texts read: "forbidden to explain" - the yellow one; and "there you must look thrice" - the red one)

(click to enlarge)

ich hatte kein bild und keinen stempel einer meerjungfrau. das thema reizte mich aber, also fing ich an, umherzugoogeln... da kam ich auf diese seite (kucken!!!)... *mund offen*... jemals was von einer meerjungfrauen-mumie gehört?! na, ich auch nicht. aber ich hatte jetzt meine idee für die herausforderung;)

ein bisschen anglerlatein...


  1. Ich hau mich wech. Wie genial ist das denn ??? Der Brüller schlechthin. Klasse.

  2. Very cool card Johanna! So unique - not the usual mermaid!

    Cindy :)

  3. WOW, Johanna, pretty scary card you've created there, great imagination!

  4. Das dachte ich mir schon: Der außergewöhnlichste Beitrag kommt von Johanna! Ich liebe Deine Interpretationen und Deine Postkarte ist der H A M M E R !!!

  5. Goodness me Johanna - how strange! I love what you did on your postcard though - very original! =)

  6. Oh my goodness! I have never seen a mermaid mummy!! And I don't think I want to meet one on a dark night when swimming in the sea. This is funny and original, Johanna. I love your sense of humour and your artwork.

  7. Wonderful, unique and unusual! I checked the site out too, neat stuff!

  8. This should be the definition of a mermaid with PMS!!!LOL Thanks for sharing your wonderful imagination friend!

  9. wonderful take on the theme. thanks for playing

  10. wow..unique and creative mermaid creature

  11. Stunning and so unique, what more can I say! FANTASTIC!

  12. *grusel* danke für den link, davon hör ich auch zum ersten mal. Mal wieder superoriginell deine Karte!!

  13. Hi Johanna ... please vote for an artcard edition ...

    here you can find 8 images which I prepared for an artistbooklet from John M. Bennett (USA), from one of the images I will make a postcard edition after your voting - the image with the most votings on my blog will turn into an artcard and will be sent out to each of the voters. please come along an give your votes in a comment.

    Bye Roland Halbritter


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