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Saturday, February 19, 2011

and the winners are...

sorry i´m a bit late, but i´m still down with the flu, quite nasty and persistent.
but it wasn´t too much work to draw the winners, as i had printed out the comments daily as they came in... because actually i love the hat-drawing method (cheating: i took a bowl...;)) much better than the random generator. simply because it is so hard for me to count along in the comments, if they are not numbered (and they aren´t)... what to do with somebody who made a second comment because she forgot something in the first? too much attention to pay... i think the hat/bowl is the easier way...

so here we go... 2 ladies from usa, and one from italy... gladly the postal fees for international sendings went down at the beginning of the year... so i will cram pack the envelopes up to as much as possible!!
the owoh winners will get an email and are asked to respond within 48 hours, otherwise i will have to make a new drawing...
(please give me a few more days to send the stuff out, as i´m not yet feeling well...)
hope you have fun with the prizes and it would be great to see what you did with the braille paper - always looking for inspiration!


  1. Many congrats to the very lucky winners - twasn't me but I am enjoying your wonderful work Johanna so feel a winner anyway x Hilda

  2. Herzlichen Glückwunsch den Gewinnern und Dir liebe Johanna wünsche ich gute Besserung und ein schönes WE!
    MARTINA xxx

  3. HI,Johanna! I'm sorry that I took so long to reply. THANK YOU ♥ for the wonderful gifts and I have blogged them.

    Palma xx


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