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Sunday, September 25, 2011

take a word: album

this upcoming week take-a-word challenges us to take album photos... i decided not to go with my family, but to take pictures of marionettes from scott radke (featured in an older issue of art-doll-quarterly), because i like their melancholy expressions very much. [i really would love to own one of them, but they sell out faster than i get a chance...] - i took a file folder i spray painted recently, text is die cut respectively printed. stamps are from dylusions and art journey. added some tinted cut-outs from an old biology book.
wieder mal ein file folder, den ich kürzlich eingesprayt habe. take-a-word möchte in der kommenden woche bilder aus einem album sehen. ich wollte nicht meine eigenen fotos benutzen und bin ausgewichen auf marionettenbilder von scott radke (er hatte mal einen artikel in einer alten art-doll-quarterly ausgabe), deren melancholischen ausdruck ich sehr liebe. - der text ist gestanzt bzw ausgedruckt, stempelmäßig kamen zum einsatz art journey und meine neuen dylusions, außerdem hab ich noch alte biobuch-seiten eingefärbt zur ergänzung.


  1. Boah der ist grandios Johanna.
    Fantastischer Folder. *ganz neidisch bin* Super Ergebnis.

  2. Love the expressions on the puppets faces, fabulous whimsical piece, Johanna!

  3. Such a fun piece Johanna. poor little things, they look so unhappy! xx

  4. Total klasse, gefällt mir super gut. Schöne Bilder hast du verarbeitet.

  5. Thanks for the great laugh this morning, Johanna! Super job!

  6. Your interpretation on Album this week, Johanna, is weird and wonderful. I love those dolls so much and I hope you manage to get one one day.

  7. What a unique interpretation of this week's challenge. You have featured your little melancholy "family" beautifully!

  8. Wow, those marionettes are fabulous! Thanks for introducing me to this artist. Your take on the theme is unique. Answering your question: from my own experience, I can tell you that melancholy is kind of genetic...

  9. Ich schmeiss mich weg, wie die Adams family, die Worte dazu sind der Oberknaller. Super das Teil, Du hast auch eine florierende Fantasie:-)
    Schönen Abend und lG Anja

  10. Great take on this challenge Johanna...beautiful work!!!

  11. I suppose I shouldn't be smiling because your "family" is a melancholy one but their faces are so sweet and appealing I can't help myself. This is a very creative and touching piece of art. I love it.


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