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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

textures from nancy donaldson

nancy donaldson again provided some textures to play with... so far i enjoyed making the following samples, (click to enlarge):

all these are made in a similar way: using the photo, texture(s) from nancy + scan from a botanical book.

if interested, you can find my "recipes" below:

original photo cropped a little
texture 2 from nancy donaldson (crackle structure) at blending mode soft light 100% - layer mask to erase the seed
scanned image (from a botanical book) layered with blending mode darken + adjustment layer to make it more black
frame from shadowhousecreations (black vintage mask) set at multiply
text added with fonts mythbusters + pea terri cherie

nancy donaldson texture 2c at blending mode darker color 100%
nancy donaldson texture 2b at blending mode soft light 50%
copy of all, soft light, 22%
scanned image of a raspberry (botanical book) at blending mode divide, 100%
text: fonts second breakfast + fine hand

layer from background, soft light 60%
nancy donaldson texture 2a, blending mode exclusion 100%
again texture 2a, blending mode linear burn 70%
scanned image of corn (botanical book), darker color 100%
flickr ttv-frame multiply 100%


  1. WOW!!! these came out amazing, thanks for sharing your process,
    it is inspiring me to get out my clipart books to add as another element to my projects, thanks!!

  2. Herrliche Farben, macht richtig Sehnsucht nach Sommer.

  3. All of these are wonderful! It's amazing what a little texture can do to a picture.

  4. awesome photo works Johanna! Thanks for the link and thanks for telling what you did to 'dook these up'.

  5. Mensch die sehen wieder toll aus. Du wirst zum richtigen Profi. Da hat sich der Kurs gelohnt. Super. Das blaue hat es mir besonders angetan.

  6. Tolle kräftige Farben, das mag ich und heute wärmt es mich bstens, aber morgen solls ja wieder schöln werden.
    LG Anja


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