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Sunday, October 16, 2011

take a word: childhood

i found this postcard on a flea market a while ago. the backside tells me the photo was taken by aglaia risch, 1984 in belgium. i started a google research, but could not find out more about this photographer...

background by cosmo cricket, clover stamps by carina gardner, tape tizzape, font pie sugar noodles.

find the other participants of take-a-word here.

vor einiger zeit fand ich diese postkarte auf einem flohmarkt. auf der rückseite steht, das foto stamme von aglaia risch, brüssel 1984. leider konnte ich durch googeln nicht wirklich mehr über die fotografin erfahren...


  1. Beautiful Johanna... gorgeous photo too...

    Jenny x

  2. Great image and take on the theme Johanna. pen x

  3. Ein tolles Werk wieder von Dir Johanna.
    Die Farben und der Spruch sind klasse.

  4. Beautiful Johanna.
    This is a gorgeous photo and you have made a beautiful backgfround. Super.
    Lovely greet Marja

  5. What a fab photo!! I think those kids look great! And, that's a really complementary font. I wonder what happened to that photographer... =)

  6. This is super, Johanna! Quite a fashion statement! Love how you put this together. I don't know which I like better, the actual font or its name!

  7. The photo made a lovely card Johanna.xx

  8. fbdgThe photo made a lovely card Johanna.xx

  9. This photo is just perfect!
    And your words are too!
    I love very much this image!!
    Thank you for sharing it!
    Do you think these children were punk lately?
    Or, at the contrary, they have reacted by beeing very like the "others"?

  10. I love this photo, and I like the way you've presented it.
    (Blogger changed their sign-in page and I had the same problem. I discovered if I sign out and sign in again (and don't check the Stay Signed In) it seems to work. Just when you figure out how to get around their landmines, they seem to plant some more! Grrrrr.

  11. Love what you have created, Johanna!

  12. What a adorable finding Johanna !!!
    and the quote fits so well !
    Very pretty !

  13. Cute and funny! I like that you chose a polka-dot background.

  14. Love your collage. These kids are so eighties, so fun!

  15. I love the postcard, Johanna. The little children are just adorable.

  16. Was ein supi Spruch!!! Das liiiiiiiiiiiebe ich am meisten an Deiner Kunst. Diese einmalige Kombination!!!


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