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Monday, October 03, 2011

texture tuesday: gratitude

laden with fruit...
for mankind, birds... plenty of it for everybody...
so "gratitude" is a perfect word for this week´s TT challenge:

on the second one i used kim klassen´s scribblecircle brush, tried out halftone frames (thanks for the links, kaylene!); font is artistamp medium, ttv frame from flickr


  1. Wieder zwei wunderschöne Werke Johanna.
    Einfach herrlich.

  2. Beautiful interpretation and a beautiful image . . . lovely texture work. Teresa x

  3. You have been adventurous.
    Brushes are still a closed book to me, but I'm in no hurry :-)

  4. These are really nice, I like the scribble brush effect a lot.

  5. I love the use of frames and brushes. Beautiful work!

  6. Your brush is super. You'll get a lot of use of that one. Nice photo treatments.

  7. Oh my! Great stuff Johanna... and you were so quick!!
    Thanks for sharing the link to the brushes. I LOVE brushes!!

  8. Auch diese beiden hier - wunderschön. Bei uns geht der Altweibersommer wohl dem Ende entgegen, es trübt sich ein. ... Schade, von mir aus hätte dieses tolle Wetter noch Wochen anhalten können ;)

  9. Lots of good things here this week! I am trying to love apples more because I know they are so good for you, so I'm happy to see your photo! I really want to learn more about brushes now -- I like how you've used the scribble.

  10. Lovely apple - great texture work!

  11. Hi Johanna, I have spent many months in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Such a beautiful country you live in. You left a comment on my TT blog. WHen I went to your blog I read you were having problems leaving notes. Just want you to know that it worked perfectly on my own blog. Don't always think it might be your problem.Maybe the other person has their blog settings in correct. Just a thought. Your texture is really fun, clean the scribble brush. I must have missed that at Kim's brushes, etc. Scribble is something I often want to do OVER a texture that looks pretty forlorn! smiles: sharon.....I live in North Carolina, USA...eastern/southern seaboard.

  12. I love your photo! Very simple and very beautiful!

  13. Your apple a day is wonderful. It looks like I could just grab it and eat it.


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