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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

the 3 muses - entertainment

music, movies.... everything "entertainment" is the theme at the 3 muses this week...
i took the chance to make a little homage to klaus kinski, who really walked the line between genius and insanity... he died 20 years ago.


  1. Haha wie cool.
    Das nenne ich mal Entertainment *LOL*

  2. A great if very strange movie. This is wonderful, Johanna. You have captured the darkness of the story so well. Wonderful artwork.

  3. Very interesting Johanna! I'm always learning something new. Hugs xx

  4. Ho, I adore this mad man!
    His appearance & insane spirit made me a real fan when I was very young
    (after having seen "Aguirre ou la colère de Dieu")....
    Your work is beautiful!

  5. Yikes! Definitely entertaining, but pretty scary, too.

  6. Ahhh Claus Kinski as Caunt Dracula
    would be honored for this tribute on his dying day!
    I remember that his daughter Natasja had romances with Roman Polanski and Quincy Jones.

    A genius choice Johanna !!

  7. Johanna, you have created a delicious darkness here, and oh what a tribute this is to the man himself. A standing ovation from my corner is in order.

  8. Your art portrayed the man just as you described him, Johanna. Very nice work!

  9. Creepy, very creepy, but, yes, those old scary movies were entertaining, too! You've captured the frightening aspect very well...eek!

  10. OMG, Klaus Kinski - that's a blast from my past!!! Good job!
    I have linked to you in my Nancy Donaldson post today - loved your photos for her texture challenge!! I think we have become a little obsessed, don't you?

  11. This would be great as a huge, framed poster in a very starkly decorated contemporary dwelling.

  12. Awesome! Love your texture work below, too! xxoo


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