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Thursday, November 17, 2011

new digital editions...

again i played with the new textures from nancy donaldson (i really was challenged with the first one... found it hard to find a picture fitting the "knitted & drawn" texture...). and with these i can also show my "go-to" technique (for PAF) i use on almost every photo: i am switching through all blending modes and searching the one that appeals to me most, AND: i often use a layer mask to brush a part of the pic free from texture. so here: the flower and the ladybug are "brushed free" several times.

the ladybug photo is a homage at our domestic species of these insects (the red ones with the seven black spots). currently we have an invasion really with the asian species (harmonias), which are a little bigger (and colored in some variations) and probably will become a problem for our native ones. i found this one on my walk last week, the whole sunny edge of the forest densely populated with the harmonias.

took twice the text layer from nancy donaldson for this one plus another one from flickr, and brushed free the beetle from each texture.
dieser einheimische siebenpunkt ist eine homage an unsere marienkäfer, die gerade heftig verdrängt werden von der etwas größeren asiatischen art. zwar sind diese auch nützlich hinsichtlich blattlausvertilgung, aber "unsere" find ich viel schöner... vielleicht nostalgie, denn schon aus unseren kinderbilderbüchern waren sie nicht wegzudenken... letzte woche war ich auf meinem spaziergang am sonnigen waldrand wieder eingekreist (ja nicht den mund aufmachen! super lästig!!) von den "zugezogenen" und umso erfreuter, doch auch noch einen "eingeborenen" zu finden...


  1. Tolle Werke, dein Hommage an "unsere" Marienkäfer gefällt mir sehr gut. Die "auswärtigen" sind echt eine Plage :(

  2. Oh ein Mutschekiepchen. Wunderschön wieder digital gewerkelt von Dir liebe Johanna.

    Ich wünsche Dir ein tolles WE.

  3. the composition is lovely in each of your images; and, the texture processing is really exciting. very nice. thank you for sharing, kareninkenai (from PAF)

  4. love the ladybird image - great composition and contrast. I'm like you - I check through all blending modes until one grabs my eye

  5. I agree with you - I often use the masks for emphasis. I LOVE your photos, Johanna. I wish I could get out more with my phone - we are too coastal here. Maybe soon!!
    I still have to play with Nancy's textures and Bonnie's too!!
    Where does the time go? =)

  6. Oh, how love is the ladybuc. So cute and beautiful combosition :)

  7. Johanna - both of your edits are beautiful. It is important to brush away parts of the texture - most often on our focal point, as you have done here. Just Lovely! Thank you for sharing your talents with Photo Art Friday!

  8. Fun how in both pictures the subject just pops out of the background, giving so much depth to the composition.
    I found a ladybug in my bed the other night!

  9. Wonderful shots and edits. It's interesting to learn the different processes (now if I can just figure them out) that you went through. The ladybug is really nice.

  10. beautiful images and I LOVE lady-beetles. Hope the new specie though don't overtake your native ones

  11. great edits! I never say to much about the layer mask to unmask portions of my edits, but I sure am glad someone else does it too!

  12. i love them all!! thanks for playing along and sharing your ideas


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