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Sunday, November 13, 2011

take a word: moon

anything related with the moon is asked for at the new challenge at take a word.
i found this site which told me that there are special names for the full moon during each month of the year:
"The names for the Full Moon were made up by the Algonquian tribes of Native Americans. Most of the Algonquian people hunted and fished to get food, but some also grew crops. The names they had for the Moon are related to nature & the seasons, hunting & fishing, and farming. The Algonquian people lived all over the northern and eastern parts of North America. When settlers from Europe met up with them, some of the settlers started using most of the same names for the Full Moon."

so for the full moon of last week the name is "beaver moon"...
"Time to set beaver traps before the swamps froze, to make sure of a supply of warm winter furs"
spraypainted background, digital work for preparing some photos (merged the moon with a beaver, edited the native american girl from edward s. curtis, typed the tapes from jessica sprague...) - printed and glued... tree stamp from flamingo artstamps germany
my plan is to make a file-folder page for every full moon name... stay tuned...


  1. Einfach wunderwunderschön Johanna.
    Gefällt mir sehr sehr gut.

  2. Eine spitzenmäßige Kreation, liebe Johanna! Super gemacht!

  3. Liebe Johanna,
    ich glaube sofort, daß das schöne Zeiten waren .... und dir die Trennung von den Laternen schwer gefallen ist.
    Vor vielen Jahren waren wir in Kanada im Algonquin Park - einer meiner schönsten Urlaubserlebnisse.Die Namen der Monde werden sehr schön auf der Kinder CD - wieso,weshalb,warum - über die Indianer - Inuit - erklärt.
    Liebe Grüße

  4. ein großartiges Werk, liebe Johanna

  5. A very original take on the challenge. Lovely work! xx

  6. Interesting and beautiful entry Johanna!

  7. I love that you found out so much and shared it with us. The file folder is really beautiful and I look forward to seeing the others.

  8. I always enjoyed your scrap squares, Johanna, and I'm enjoying your new art style just as much. Isn't it great that, along with art, we learn something from the challenges? A bit of research is always fun, and I enjoyed your story of the moon names! Beautiful work too!

  9. Ein wunderschönes Werk, gefällt mir sehr gut.

  10. Tolles, buntes Werk! Und viel Gedankenwerk dahinter!

  11. Beautiful piece Johanna and a great tale of its origins. pen x

  12. A lovely piece, Johanna, and so nice to know the history behind the name.

  13. A very original entry Johanna !
    Both, your story and piece are very interesting !!

  14. I've never heard of a Beaver Moon and I look forward to following your new series as it rises on the horizon of your blog.

  15. magic in those moons and you have captured it beautifully

    so much to see and enjoy here

    your creativity is endless!

  16. Johanna, thankyou so much for sharing your knowledge of the moon from a native American point of view. It is fascinating and I am looking forward to seeing more (as promised!).
    Your collage is exquisite - especially the electric blue background which is stunning. Wonderful artwork.


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