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Friday, December 02, 2011

photo art friday

photo art friday challenges us this week: "For the next edition of Photo Art Friday let's go back to challenging ourselves to try some edits we have been wanting to try, but have felt were too hard or that we just haven't had the time for. The photo art could be produced from following a tutorial or simply the result of some creative play with new photo art tools and techniques."
so what i did this week was exploring brushes. excessively. (if i like doing something, chances are good i will do it excessively;))
now i can say: i have a new obsession! so far i loved textures, now i love textures and brushes!!
for those not infected so far - stay away from this site: because it is infectious. i have warned you;)
well, for my piece i took a background from jessica sprague, placed an edited photo of a seed on it and the rest is all: brushes!! the net, the spider, the number, the danger label... all brushes!! can you tell i´m addicted??!!
and even better: meanwhile i made some cool mailart brushes myself. but more of this in another post to come...


  1. Great art Johanna and very clever! Love it. pen x

  2. Oh wie schöööön.
    Das gefällt mir sehr sehr gut.

    Ich wünsche Dir ein tolles WE.

  3. very cool artwork - you definitely have an artistic eye! I am looking forward to checking out brushes!

  4. Not sure what "brushes" are but what you did with them is pretty cool. I like this a lot.

  5. Wonderful - I used to be "brush obsessive", then got into textures and became "texture obsessive" - now I can be both, following your great example!

  6. Seit meinem Geb. komm ich zu nix. Die letzten Fotos sind alle wieder so wunderschön, aber dieses ist mein Favorit.
    Ein schönes We wünsch ich Dir,
    lG Anja

  7. Well, if you tell me not to go there, I simply must! This is one "infection" I won't mind having. Thanks for sharing your discovery. I hope you'll come up for air from time to time, and to keep on posting on your blogs!

  8. Sieht total schön aus. Ich wünsche dir einen schönen 2. Advent.

  9. wonderful site suggestion; and, lovely composition -- like how the spider parallels the flora in addition to the brushes and texture. great job. so creative. thank you (visiting from PAF)

  10. Hi Johanna, love your iamge and thanks for the brushes link I have bookmarked it!

  11. Great work with brushes. Thanks for the encouragement to use them more and for the great link! So happy you share your artwork with Photo Art Friday, johanna.

  12. I really enjoy looking at your play too... It's all so interesting, isn't it? I wish we had more free time to just play! =)


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