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Friday, December 30, 2011

file folder: minds discuss...

great minds discuss ideas

average minds discuss events

small minds discuss people

spray painted file folder with ant stencil from coffeebreak designs. stamped with numbers and weed. glued on a picture i edited with a texture from nancy donaldson (here).

happy 65th birthday patti smith

back in my archives of may 2006 i found these fabric pages i made for a book about music of the 60ies and 70ies... wonderful musician!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

our christmas tree

aaaah, heute habe ich mal wieder richtig mit farbe und kleber gedreckelt, ein genuss!! leider kann ich es noch nicht zeigen, dauert noch ein bisschen... deshalb nochmal bilder von unserem christbaum. der ist heuer nur mit glas-fliegenpilzen (so 80 bis 100 jahre alt, aus einem antiquitätenladen; so schön, weil wirklich jeder einmalig ist!) bestückt. dazu habe ich noch eine menge schneeflocken mit der tim holtz stanze (die mit dem schneemann) ausgekurbelt und fertig war der baum!! er gefällt mir seeeeeeeeeeeehr!! ich würde sagen, der schönste, den wir je hatten...

today i was really working with paint and stamps and glue... but i can´t show the result yet. so instead i show you some more pictures from our christmas tree. this year it is only decorated with glas mushrooms (from an antique market, about 80 - 100 years old). each one is a bit different, that really makes them unique. the only other things are snowflakes i cut out with a tim holtz die. done!! and i LOVE it!! i think it is the most beautiful tree we ever had...

Sunday, December 25, 2011

it´s christmas time...

diesen schriftzug hatte ich bei birgit entdeckt, die ihn wiederum von dianas seite hat, wo man ihn als freebie herunterladen kann. die schneeflockentextur, die ich über das foto gelegt habe, ist von sienna photodesigns. all denen ein herzliches dankeschön für ihre großzügigkeit!
i had seen these words at birgit´s work, and she told me she got it as a freebie from diana´s site. the snowflake texture is from sienna photodesigns. thanks to all of them for their generosity!

Friday, December 23, 2011

12th day of textures from kim

last day of kim klassen´s wonderful texture party!! thank you so much kim, it was a real joy to play... serving you some cookies from my trusted confectioner today;)
i applied "friday" twice: color burn 36%, overlay 66%
font is segoe script
so: yummy holidays to all of you (remember: there are no calories between christmas and new year;))
we have two weeks of vacations now and i´m sure i will play with some textures... and i hope to get some dirty fingers with other works, too! see ya!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

11th day of textures from kim

my relation to snow is ambivalent... i don´t love snow slush or when it freezes to slithery ice... but of course there is the fascination of the wonderful snowfall that dampens the noise and creates a deep silence over the landscape... this photo is from a previous year, we had not much snow so far this winter.
for showing the text better ("silent night..." on kim´s new texture rejoice) i set the "rejoice 2" on inverse... tree brushed free via layer mask.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

10th day of textures from kim

only two days of texture left... i already know i will have withdrawal symptoms;)
on this photo with ceramic ornaments i applied kim´s texture of today "providence" twice. added a layer mask to brush free the ornaments.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

9th day of textures from kim

on the 9th day the new texture kim shares is called "lola". i applied it 3 times (last of them inverted).

found this ornament (covered with knitted wool) on a christmas market...

ornaments are theme of crazy amigos this week, too.

Monday, December 19, 2011

8th day of textures from kim

i just love it when all comes together so well (serendipity, actually...) - this morning we had sunny weather and a bit snow (after some aweful windy days). having monday my day off from school, i took the camera to make a little morning walk. this weathercock was the first picture i shot... ha, perfect for today´s offer at kim´s blog...
i applied the new texture "storm" twice and stamped the matching text brush (blending mode: overlay). i felt it needed a little something on the lower right, so i stamped another brush with little opacity there. done!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

7th day of textures from kim

another day, another texture from kim... thank you so much, again!
here i used "wonderfulmagic" 3 times, plus serendipity and golden (both also from kim).
the text part "Rest" (font: adorable, thanks for the tip, rosie ) is circled with a scribble brush, a freebie from kim a while ago. love this brush!
the color fits the theme "sepia" of tomorrow´s take-a-word challenge, and the three muses want to see "angels" this week.

stick to one thing...

heute mal wieder ein file folder. besprüht im sommer, bearbeitung des fotos im oktober (siehe hier), bestempelt und mit ausgedrucktem spruch versehen...
im moment komme ich ja nicht so viel zu "handgemachtem", da mir einfach die zeit fehlt (das liegt nicht an irgendwelchem vorweihnachtsstress, den habe ich nämlich nicht, dafür umso mehr last mit der schule). wenn ich es dann schaffe, mir ein paar minuten für mich selbst freizuschaufeln, reicht es zeitlich und energiemäßig nicht zu mehr als zu ein paar minuten vor dem pc. mit einer bildbearbeitung ist schnell gespielt, da reichen mir manchmal wenige minuten. aber natürlich möchte ich wieder mehr "mit dreckigen händen" gestalten, wird auch wieder, die zeit kommt... und dann hab ich einen bildervorrat angehäufelt, auf den ich zurückgreifen kann und ihn, wie z.b. hier, in journale etc einbauen kann...
a file folder - spray painted in summer, photo editing in october (here), stamped and finished with a printed quote...
at the moment i do not have very much time for "hand made" (not christmassy stress, but exhausted from school). when i have some minutes for myself, i only have the energy to sit at the pc and make some photo editing, which brings fast results in a few minutes. of course i want to create with "dirty fingers" again, and i hope time will come soon... meanwhile i will have amassed many pictures to use in my journals etc...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

6th day of textures from kim

the texture party goes on...
today´s "moremagic" twice (screen + overlay blending modes)

i thought among all those other words "light" would be a matching addition...go and watch the other contributions over at kim´s blog ... more than 300 great photo art samples so far.

Friday, December 16, 2011

french kiss freebie...

oh yes, another one...;)

seems like i am a glutton for textures;)
leslie from "french kiss" also offers a freebie texture today, and i instantly fell in love with "intrepid". i took this photo of a pomegranate last week and added "intrepid" twice here (brushed off the texture partly over the fruit in the second layer via layer mask).
thank you so much, leslie, i know this one will be become one of my faves... love the grungy style and that it has a frame...
(check out leslie´s site and subscribe her newsletter, she also has interviews with fantastic photo artists from time to time)

5th day of textures from kim

again i love the little "mail art" effect of the postal stamp on the upper right of today´s new texture "zuzu", which i applied 3 times. added two number brushes and played with blending modes. thanks again, kim - for the generosity to share your textures!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

4th day of textures from kim

thanks, kim, for another great texture - here 3 times "edward" (2x blending mode soft light, 1x overlay)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

texture no.1 (lilly) used here:

texture no.2 (annabelle):

texture no.3 (cosmo):

over at kim klassen there is a generous offer of textures called the "12 days of textures"... so far we were gifted with 3 textures, which (among others) i used on these pictures from last winter.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

merry christmas

♥♥♥ merry christmas to all my blog readers ♥♥♥

i decided to make this my "official blog greeting card";)

(doesn´t necessarily mean it will be the last post before christmas, depends on my time...)

may you all have a peaceful time!

(i will link it to the challenges of this week: SPA "poinsettia", take-a-word "joy" and the-3-muses "tis the season)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

moon series: snow moon

today is full moon... so time to go on with my moon series...

actually today is cold moon, but that folder page i already made a while ago... so this time i went with the name of the february full moon, the snow moon. (we also have some snow now, but very wet, not supposed to stay.)
spray painted stenciled background, photos from the internet + edited; labels from jessica sprague; snow stamp in various sizes from flamingo artstamps, germany.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

PAF - "seasonal preparations"

i called my photo for this week´s PAF - showcase "bakin´ craze" (below you see the original picture i took on a christmas fair last week, above the altered version with blending mode lighter color and font bleeding cowboys).

i remember the days when the kids were little and enjoyed our chrismas baking. actually for me it was always a bit stressful, too, as we only have a very small kitchen... meanwhile i enjoy the luxury of buying the cookies at my trusted confectioner;) [and no, i do not miss the smell enough to accept the stress therefore;)]

ich liebe ausstechformen (und hab auch eine ganz nette sammlung davon), aber backen mag ich eigentlich nicht (mehr). unsere küche ist definitiv zu winzig, als dass mir das spaß machen würde. als die kinder klein waren gehörte die weihnachtsbäckerei natürlich dazu... aber ich gestehe, dass ich sie schon auch immer etwas stressig fand. mittlerweile gönne ich mir einfach den luxus und kauf mir die plätzchen beim konditor meines vertrauens;) [nein, ich vermisse den duft nicht so sehr, als dass ich mir dafür den stress dafür einhandeln würde, den so manche kampfbäckerin in meiner bekanntschaft hat... in meinem gekauften sortiment liegen viel mehr sorten, als ich in hundert jahren backen wollte... kann mich gar nicht locken;)]

das abgebildete foto (unten im original), das ich letzte woche in münchen auf dem christkindlmarkt gemacht habe, ist bearbeitet mit der blending mode lighter color und als schrift habe ich meine geliebten bleeding cowboys eingesetzt.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

MST - weihnachtswimpel

seit dem wochenende hängen meine weihnachts-wimpel, unser "statt-karten"-tauschprojekt des münchner stempeltreffs... für mich die schönste weihnachtsaktion, die wir bisher hatten. (meine karte ist übrigens die linke auf dem vorletzten teilbild, oben einzeln zu sehen)

our christmas project of the munich stamping group this year was making pennants... i really enjoyed this swap and now i have them hanging in my living room. (my card is to see in detail above...)

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

texture tuesday: celebrate

with 3 textures from kim: packing, moody and seriousmagic

find the other entries here at TT

Sunday, December 04, 2011


eine kleine bildergeschichte... (das tollwood findet 2x im jahr in münchen statt und die winterveranstaltung auf der theresienwiese ist mit einem weihnachtsmarkt verbunden)

some pictures from a christmas market in munich... not one of the "traditional" fairs, but quite well known over the years... it is held on the theresienwiese (which is the place of the octoberfest)

SPA: christmas fairies

relativ spontan machte ich am donnerstag noch einen besuch auf dem tollwood, wo mir diese weihnachtselfe für SPA "über den weg flog". ich fragte am elfenstand, ob ich fotografieren dürfte, und voilà...
wenn ich nicht sowieso wegen des stempeltreffs nach münchen gefahren und nicht vor etwa 2 wochen meine räucherschale kaputtgefallen wäre, hätte ich mir das tollwood diesmal geschenkt. es ist nämlich schon immer wieder das gleiche, zu 90% sag ich mal. da reicht es mir dann, wenn ich das alle paar jahre mal sehe... und tatsächlich war es dann so, dass ich dort keine räucherschale gefunden habe, obwohl ich mir gerade diesbezüglich eigentlich sicher war. ein einziger räucherstand, aber keine schale nach meinem gusto. so war unglaublicherweise der einzige kauf, den ich getätigt habe, ein langos mit rahm (ungarischer hefeteigfladen, sehr lecker).
andererseits: ich konnte wieder ein paar fotos machen. wenn man nett fragt, erlauben es die meisten. vielleicht stelle ich noch ein paar zusammen zum zeigen...

Friday, December 02, 2011

photo art friday

photo art friday challenges us this week: "For the next edition of Photo Art Friday let's go back to challenging ourselves to try some edits we have been wanting to try, but have felt were too hard or that we just haven't had the time for. The photo art could be produced from following a tutorial or simply the result of some creative play with new photo art tools and techniques."
so what i did this week was exploring brushes. excessively. (if i like doing something, chances are good i will do it excessively;))
now i can say: i have a new obsession! so far i loved textures, now i love textures and brushes!!
for those not infected so far - stay away from this site: because it is infectious. i have warned you;)
well, for my piece i took a background from jessica sprague, placed an edited photo of a seed on it and the rest is all: brushes!! the net, the spider, the number, the danger label... all brushes!! can you tell i´m addicted??!!
and even better: meanwhile i made some cool mailart brushes myself. but more of this in another post to come...