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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

texture tuesday: story

above you see a "journaling card" telling the story (-> texture tuesday theme of the week) of my love to spindle tree fruits. i couldn´t stop taking pictures of this gorgeous seeds last fall & finally planted one into my garden.
below i embedded one of my photos in a square layout (also used a scan of an old botanical book and a bird brush from jessica sprague)


  1. Really nice! Like the cover of a book!

  2. Both are lovely photos but I really like the 2nd one - what a pretty layout!

  3. Lovely work . .very harmonious, everything fits together so well . .Happy Tuesday, Teresa x

  4. i love the first shot really grungy and scratched great texturing and the second looks like the cover of a botanical book it's great

  5. Your images are wonderful the colours are rich and crip. Bravo

  6. Zwei wunderschöne Werke liebe Johanna.

  7. Foto wie auch Square gefallen mir total gut.
    Psssst.... die "schäbige" Blümchenborde unten auf meiner Karte sind ein Fertigprodukt vom Meister ;)

  8. I like the contrast between your two images, especially the one of the berries against the cold blue of the sky. Well done on both!

  9. Gorgeous - both of them! Wonderful texture and depth! xxoo

  10. Love these, Johanna! I like the story of the first one. Now you can photograph as much as you want.

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