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Monday, February 20, 2012

the moon series: strawberry moon

the full moon of june is the strawberry moon: "Strawberries were ready to be picked and eaten" - the background is spray painted in turquoise, which is theme at take-a-word this week.
find the complete series of the full moons by clicking the label below (10 are made so far, the other two will come soon)


  1. Na wow wieder ein großartiger Folder liebe Johanna.
    Gefällt mir sehr sehr gut.

  2. That is a great piece of work, bravo

  3. just a test whether my comment verification is off

  4. A big thank you to you, Johanna, for leaving a lovely comment on my blog today!
    You have created a colourful stunning card here, love the strawberry moon!
    Hope you like the book, I haven't got around to trying anymore techniques, but I will as it is so easy to follow.
    That new word verification is so unnecessary, too.

  5. This is gorgeous, Johanna - I love the strawberry moon!
    PS I agree about the word verification; I've turned mine off, but am getting spam. Am now moderating my comments, which is also a bit tiresome!

  6. Wonderful, Johanna. I love your Full Moon seriess

  7. A beautiful strawberry moon card Johanna. Lovely work! xx

  8. I also turned my word verifiation off Johanna.
    Your piece is superb and I bet you had fun making this when you love strawberries too !

  9. Beautiful your strawberry moon Johanna. Beautiful art work.
    Lovely greet

  10. First let me say, well done for highlighting and then ditching the silly word verification. It really does suck.

    Now onto your card, which is colourful, stunning and I absolutely love the strawberry moon. Bravo.

  11. What a lovely color combination, Johanna. Makes me want a strawberry!

  12. Zum Anbeißen schön! Ganz tolle Kombination an Motiven und Farben.
    Alles Liebe, Manuela
    PS: Die neue Wortbestätigung finde ich auch ziemlich lästig und habe sie bei mir auch ausgestellt, aber prompt kommen die Spams. Vielleicht ändern sie das ja noch bei Blogger...

  13. Gorgeous artwork ! I am happy you dumped word verification too.

  14. Wie genial - Erdbeermond... irgendwie warte ich jetzt auf die Erdbeerzeit ;) Yummy. Toller Folder.

  15. I adore your strawberry moon & your wonderful work Johanna! Bravo!!!

  16. Das ist mal wieder schön,
    gefällt mir sehr gut.

  17. Huhuu

    Wundervoll ist dein erbeermond,yummi,die farben und motive sins perfekt.

    lg jeannette


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