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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

texture tuesday: happiness

this week the showcase of TT should be around the word "happiness".

i had a very happy moment last thursday when i came home from work, hungry as usualy, and didn´t have to cook because my son had prepared this delicious meal in his tajine (just rice, carrots, paprica, zucchini, a tomato and basil... oh so yummy!!)

the photo on the top contains kim´s textures canvas back magic and primmed (as the base for the text), the lower one is made with kim´s if only.

[it´s so good when the kids grow up and can help out their mum;)]


  1. Mmmmmh sieht das lecker aus Johanna.
    Yummy yummy.

  2. Looks delicious:) The first picture is my favourite.

  3. What a wonderful son you've got! And his meal looks perfectly delicious!! Great photo to depict "happiness" and lovely photographs as well. :)

  4. I'd be really happy if that had been prepared for me as well . . .lovely shots and textures . . .Teresa x

  5. Looks delicious, Johanna :)
    What a sweet son you have!

  6. How sweet indeed!!

    Happy Valentine's Day♥

  7. Oh that looks delicious, lucky you. The treatment is perfect for your theme

  8. such a small gesture adds to mounds of happiness...perfect!!

  9. This looks and sounds yummy! Your son did good :)

  10. Das sieht aber lecker aus, hab direkt 'ne Pfütze auf der Zunge.

  11. It makes me happy to look at this well as hungry! Isn't it great to be cooked for. I like how you put the lettering down the side of the photo, expressing your emotion.

  12. Johanna, Schande auf mein Haupt, habe seit Ewigkeiten nicht mehr kommentiert, gekuckt schon aber irgendwie war ich immer zu faul zum tippern, das muß sich unbedingt wieder ändern ;o)
    Ich hoffe es hat auch so lecker geschmeckt, wie es aussieht.


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