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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

it´s that time of the year again...

my favorite month...

2 textures from kim klassen at the lilac photo: sweettreat and stay.


  1. Oh ja meiner auch.
    Alles blüht so herrlich.
    Tolle Photos hast Du wieder einmal geschossen. Klasse.

  2. i love lilacs! they are one of my favorite flowers. and often, around here, we don't even have to stop to smell them, because they are so fragrant and can be found so frequently that the smell is in the air at all times while they are in bloom... so we can stop AND go and smell the lilacs. =)

    lovely photos and texture use!

  3. They're both beautiful, but I really love the forget-me-nots!

  4. I love these, the black patterns in your processing really bring out the colour in the flowers perfectly :)

  5. Lovely photos and use of texture, Johanna! :)
    Happy May!!

  6. I'm happy to stay awhile and indulge in this sweet treat. I've loved forget-me-nots since I was a very little girl and my grandmother told me their name. Those darling little blue flowers are sprinkling the grass here now but it's going to be another month before we see, let alone smell, the lilacs.

  7. Ja, der Mai ist schon ein toller Monat. Ich mag den Duft des Flieders auch sehr.

  8. Ja der Wonnemonat Mai heisst nicht umsonst so*g* Die Natur platzt aus den Nähten und man geniesst ohne zu schmilzen wie später im Sommer.
    Tolle Blumenfotos!
    LG Anja

  9. Beautiful photos, Johanna! I especially like the forget-me-nots, such a wonderful color, and a beautiful edit

  10. Two beautiful pieces - I love forget-me-knots!

  11. Wunderschöne Fotos! Den Flieder kann ich fast erschnuppern:-)

    Übrigens Johanna: Den Löffel habe ich tatsächlich vom Flohmarkt....


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