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Sunday, December 09, 2012

take-a-word: sewing

you might be familiar with this painting "the garden of death" by hugo simberg, a finnish artist - he painted it in the late 19th century in some versions and one of it can be seen as background picture on some blogs out there. i personally like another color version of it even better, the one that he painted as a fresco onto the walls of tampere cathedral in finland (1905/06).
simberg described this garden as "the place where the dead end up before going to heaven".
i printed this picture and ripped it into three sections with the monk-like grim reapers. glued these down in my capolan altered book and "sewed" them with rubber stamp sewing patterns.
vielleicht kennt ihr dieses gemälde von hugo simberg, weil es (in einer anderen farbversion) das hintergrundbild auf manchen blogs ist. simberg malte es in mehreren variationen, und ich persönlich mag diese farbversion am besten, die er als fresko im dom im finnischen tampere gemalt hat. simberg beschreibt seinen "garten des todes" als den platz, an den die verstorbenen kommen, bevor sie in den himmel gelangen.
das ausgedruckte bild ist hier mit stempeln "genäht", natürlich in mein capolan altered book.


  1. das ist ja vielleicht klasse!

    und gelernt hab ich auch wieder was.. den Künstlernamen und das Werk hab ich bewusst noch nicht gekannt..
    aber nun!


    schönen Rest Adventsonntag!

  2. Boah ist das schöön.
    Beeindruckender Journal Eintrag Johanna.

  3. A great idea for your book Johanna! xx

  4. Wie genial ist das denn!Ganz toll umgesetzt, Idee und Machart gefällt mir total gut.

  5. Super original spread! Great job, Johanna! xx

  6. Philistine that I am, I had not heard of this artist before, but hey what a find, thanks. And you, my friend, are a genius and this is so perfectly one of a kind. Applause.

  7. Your collage is awesome Johanna I adore the Garden of Death pictures...beautiful work!

  8. It's as good as ever Johanna. I love your way of artwork! It make me dream... Because it's real and awesome! (My sewing entry is digital, so I take your comment as a big compliment! Thank you hun! :))

  9. Wie genial - ich bin mal wieder begeistert.

  10. I didn't know of that painting before--thanks for the revelation. This is yet another delightfully skewed entry in your Capolan book. I love it! You are creating a real treasure trove between the book covers.

  11. votre livre me plait beaucoup ! les pages sont toutes très réussies j'aime beaucoup! Amicalement

  12. your journal pages are so well done Johanna!
    They really turned out super...
    also really like the Edelweiss stamps to repeat the feeling of "3"
    I enjoyed learning about the artist and the paintings too

  13. I love your pages, so vibrant and eye catching. Also, I didn't know of the paintings, so thanks for sharing.

  14. I didn't see this one on my last visit. Great creation, very eye catching! :)
    Your journal pages are all so cool, Johanna!


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