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Monday, March 11, 2013

take-a-word: green

take-a-word wants to see green this week...
background: "nothing-but-freebies"
kermit: www
rainbow-colored elements: marta van eck-freebie
font: cramps


but then, today is also a day to remember the shock of fukushima...
we don´t hear much about the people who suffer in many ways from the nuclear rays or lost their home... my feelings are with them...
the government tells us the goods we import from japan are controlled - what a mockery! the limit of the accepted radioactivity is set up by economical, not by medical reasons. there simply is no riskless amount of radioactivity!!

background paper from tangie baxter´s march kit for AJC13
for the tsunami wave i took the famous woodblock print "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" by the japanese artist hokusai.
font: shoguns clan (free from the web)


  1. A beautiful remembrance piece Johanna and I love your Kermit- he always make me smile!

  2. Your 'green' piece made me smile, Johanna, thanks for reminder about the tsunami, your words are very true!

  3. Such contrasts, Johanna! Kermit made me smile and your memorial art made me remember with sadness.xx

  4. you green one is so much fun - just love it!!!

  5. A beautiful tribute and I really like Kermit and that song. :)
    Two beautiful works, Johanna!

  6. Kermit is a dream and I respect your wonderful tribute piece. xx

  7. Bei deiner Froschseite schmelze ich dahin - die ist einfach genial und der Spruch herrlich :)
    Die Seite zur Erinnerung an die Nuklearkatastrophe ist ebenfalls toll. Hier war letztes WE eine Demo im Kreis um das AKW Grohnde ... um den Leuten zu vergegenwärtigen "was wäre wenn"...

  8. Your frog and colourful decorations are fun. I also appreciated your remembrance image for fukushima.

  9. Kermit is a delightful tip of the hat to green. Your second piece is a thoughtful and sobering piecem Johanna. Well said and well done!

  10. das erste supersüß und erfrischend, das zweite tiefgründig...
    alles abgedeckt für mich!

    sei lieb gegrüßt!

  11. Tolle Collagen! Kermit macht einen glücklich und das können die in Japan sicher auch gebrauchen. Schön, daß Du daran erinnerst.
    Alles Liebe, Manuela

  12. Oh; Kermit is my favorite! I love this!!! Great take on the green!

    I appreciated your remembrance - thank you! xxoo

  13. I'm smiling, Johanna, at your Green Kermit piece. It really made me chuckle.

    Your memorial piece is a timely reminder tribute, my friend.

  14. Your green piece made me smile, Johanna - I love it - and your second piece is beautiful and an appropriate to all the people who died or still suffer the after effects of the Tsunami.

  15. Kermit (Caco, o sapo) is so sweet and that song always make me smile.
    On the other hand, what a important remembrance piece. Well-done!

  16. Bonjour Johanna ,
    Merci pour ce souvenir de ce terrible tsunami.
    Votre amusante grenouille Kermit est là pour illustrer le challenge et nous faire sourire ! Amicalement

  17. Kermit is so very soecial! Ant the remembrance piece is both beautiful and sad. Lovely work!

  18. I love both of these. That song of Kermit's is one of the best songs ever, I think and the wave, well, it's an amazing piece!

  19. Both of these are wonderful. I love Kermit, and the oriental piece is very thought-provoking.

  20. Greisch!!! Ist das genial :)
    Du hast an diesem tristen, blöden, verschneiten, erkälteten Tag ein dickes Grinsen auf meine Lippen gebracht!
    Danke Dir dafür!
    Hoffentlich geht es Dir besser...?! Denke oft an Dich.
    LG Conny


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