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Monday, March 25, 2013

take-a-word: umbrella

oh well, the umbrella is a necessary accessory these days.!!!!!
not good for the mood...
besides a beatrix potter image i used a free texture from flickr here, brushes are self made.

translates: shall we bet we will have white easter?
(texture: sienna photodesigns)
wie heißt es doch: weihnachten im klee, ostern im schnee (und umgekehrt)...
wenn ich mich recht erinnere, hatten wir eins der wärmsten weihnachten, zweistellige plusgrade waren das doch?


  1. How adorable! I love bunnies! I had a couple when I was younger. :)
    We might have a white Easter too, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for some spring weather. ;)
    Happy Monday ahead.

  2. Two fun pieces, Johanna, I have rabbits running around my garden!

  3. I love your rabbits, hurrying and scurrying!(Do you know that word?)
    A great piece Johanna! xx

  4. Two very nice art pieces, Johanna, I like the bunnies with their umbrellas and the two bunnies betting.

  5. Your bunny art is fabulous and made me smile. I'm afraid we might have a white Easter, too!xx

  6. These made me smile. I love bunnies, too. Fun pieces!

  7. die Potter-Hasen sind ja süß - hoffentlich retten sie sich rechtzeitig nach drinnen!

  8. I especially love your umbrella art, Johanna. Beautifully done. Love the whimsy!

  9. 9 inches of new snow here and still snowing, so I share your longing for flowers at my feet!! Love your Beatrice Potter treatment!

  10. Oh nein, Johanna! Sag doch so was nicht :( Wer will denn weiße ostern...schluchz!
    Super coolle Hasen! 2 super schöne Karten.
    Liebe Grüße

  11. Schnief - nein, keine weißen Ostern.... es soll ab Mittwoch doch wärmer werden :)
    Hier scheint die Sonne aus jedem Knopfloch, aber es ist bitterkalt und dann der heftige Wind :O
    Dein Hasenwerk ist auf alle Fälle klasse.

  12. Whimsical and artistic! Love it!

    We are still in the winter mode here, too. :(

  13. I love both of these, Johanna. Yes, I bet we will have a white Easter too.

  14. Funny bunnies! Beatrix Potter paintings are ever delightful and your use of one as postage works perfectly. Those white rabbits are right about the white least where I live.

  15. Wie toll ist das denn, ich liebe die Hasenbande samt Schirm!

  16. There he is the man of the hour ... Love your Peter Rabbit creation with his umbrella

    Sounds like you are having a winter (and now beginning of Spring) to remember

    Snow for Easter = Yikes!

  17. These are both fabulous, particularly the top one though. I love Peter Rabbit!


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