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Sunday, May 12, 2013

take-a-word: mothers

we do not celebrate mother´s day in our family - like valentine i´m not happy with proxy days. i think we should give attention to our loved ones all over the year, and not on an alibi day. way too much commerce around it. [and, especially in germany, the celebration of mothers was stimulated in world war II, that dark chapter in our history...]
so i escaped into the animal world;)
background elements from scrapbookgraphics, brushes by me.


  1. Das ist ja so entzückend liebe Johanna. Ich bin begeistert.
    Ich wünsche Dir und allen Mamas einen tollen Tag!

  2. Very tender and loving depiction of "mother love." Wonderful what you said about these "alibi" days of celebration. They have surely been dreamed up by card companies and big business trying to make us feel guilty and inadequate and spend money.

  3. Your picturevis the essence of motherly love, so tender and beautiful. You captured a wonderful moment in your picture.

  4. So cute and tender work dear Johanna!
    (I understand all what you mean, but, I'm sure, most of us cherish our own mother everyday.
    So, it doesn't seem so important...
    Anyway, our world is a huge shopping center without emergency exit, don't you think?)

  5. "Alibi days" (great name)are a bit phony, as you say, but can be occasions to bring families closer together--so not all bad. Your art is sweetly tender.xx

  6. I love your art on the take of Mother's Day. I always see these "holidays" as I call them "Hallmark days". There's a pure and gentleness about watching animals with their young. Great post! xxoo

  7. Love your sentiments and your beautiful art Johanna it evokes wonderful tender feelings.

  8. Your "escape" is tender and loving, Johanna. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on holidays!

  9. Nothing wrong at all with animals. your picture is beautiful. hugs xx

  10. the animal world is always a delight and your choice of giraffes is sweet...
    such fascinating creatures...
    but all of nature is just so amazing isn't it!

    great take on the theme...

    Happy Spring Johanna!

  11. Your 'escape' has created something significant and tender and beautiful, Johanna. May I say, I agree with your sentiments entirely.

  12. Oups... kaufe noch ein "es" für das schön.. :)

  13. I agree with you entirely, Johanna, I love your escape into the animal world, such an endearing photo!!

  14. Beautiful! What a lovely moment!

  15. Wie süß ist das denn? Das ist eine ganz tolle Arbeit!

  16. Ist das Motiv "lieb"!!!
    Wunderschön gemacht, Johanna!
    LG Conny

  17. Das Motiv triffts einfach
    und ich mag Deine Kommentare - weil so treffend!

  18. I love this - the giraffes are fabulous set against the map of Africa. I completely understand your thoughts about these 'special' days.

  19. Awww, this so incredibly adorable, Johanna! So tender and so beautiful! :D


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