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Saturday, June 29, 2013

SPA: once upon a time

We sat beneath a willow tree
Counting all the stars and waiting for the dawn
But that was once upon a time
Now the tree is gone

(lyrics performed e.g. by frank sinatra)


  1. ein tolles digital-Kunststück Johanna .. super!

  2. Ein traumhaft schönes Teil ist das geworden, Johanna.

    Ich wünsche Dir noch ein schönes Wochenende

  3. so beautiful and poignant, I love it.

  4. mysterious tree , magic tree ? beautiful atmosphere

  5. Love the mysterious atmosphere! Well done! Happy Sunday, Johanna. :)

  6. Quite a mix of beauty and sadness, lovely!

  7. This just touches my heart Johanna...lovely work beautiful words.

  8. Ist das cool, Johanna! Tiefe Bewunderung. Lg conny

  9. A very poignant and evocative piece, Johanna.


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