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Sunday, August 18, 2013

the heat is on...

"warm colors" are asked for at the take-a-word challenge this week. 
actually the colors turn out more greenish here than they are in reality, whyever... 

 i started with some stencils (poppy seeds and swirls by michelle ward, sun by crafter´s workshop, dancing figure selfmade after a stamp).
this photo below shows the real colors best. 

at this point my elder son looked over my shoulder, seeing me experimenting with some postal poppy stamps and asked me, if i could need some dried poppies, he would have some left from his herbarium he had to make for his studies at university.
i was excited, but then: how to bring this delicate stuff down to the paper?
suddenly it came to my mind to try it with vliesofix ("wonder under"?).
i ironed the plant parts to the book (don´t forget the parchment paper to protect the iron!).
and it turned out perfectly!
(the blossom does not look that purple in reality, but is in a lighter purple)
can you see the wonderful details, hairs etc ... i could never have fixed this with a glue!

 some detail photos of other stuff:
the cancellation stamp is custom made.

some dyed cheesecloth glued on...

the letters are "cuttlebugged",
the numbers stamp in the background is custommade, too.
for these "structure adding" stamps it is good to have them unmounted, so you can easily press down only parts of the stamp.


  1. This is pretty amazing, Johanna, and I really enjoyed reading the details of how you made it. How nice that your son helped. I love the lettering and the purple poppies and the swirls, but it's all good.

  2. Wunderbar und danke für diese genaue Beschreibung. Reicht das Vlisofix denn aus? Muss das nicht noch irgendwie versiegelt werden? Ich liebe Mohn und Deine Seiten sind eine wunderbare Hommage! Der Sonnenstencil ist wunderbar und auch der Poppy Seeds. Wo hast Du die denn gekauft?
    Alles Liebe und Dir auch eine schöne Woche, Manuela

  3. ganz wunderbar gelungen..diese Doppelseite ist ein Traum.

    Vlisofix... muss ich mir merken.. ich nehm dazu immer nur leere Teebeutel, die ich überkaschiere oder Bienenwachs..
    aber so ein Bügelflies schwirrt in meiner Nähbox glaub ich noch rum...
    danke für den Tipp!

  4. Deine Seiten sind eine wunderbare spannende Collagearbeit. Es gibt so viel zu entdecken, das finde ich Klasse und danke auch für die ausführliche bebilderte Beschreibung:-)
    Wünsch Dir morgen einen guten Start in eine schöne Woche.
    LG Anja

  5. Das sind mega schön gestaltete Seiten - wundervoll!

  6. I really enjoyed reading how you made this, Johanna! How neat that your son gave you some dried poppies! :)
    Very well done! Happy Monday ahead.

  7. Really well done Johanna. Everyone is a masterpiece!

  8. Such amazing work Johanna! It turned out beautifully! xx

  9. Ja, wie cool ist das denn ?! Die echten Mohnblumenelemente sind u.a. der Hit. Überhaupt, die Doppelseite ist ein Traum.

  10. Johanna, This is fabulous work. I wish I could see it in person. It looks like so much texture.

  11. Johanna your pages are wonderful, love the colors and I enjoyed reading about your process with the poppies.

  12. Brilliant to use the Wonder-Under, Johanna, and the effect is beautiful.

    (I'm praying the surgery goes well. You will be in my thoughts and prayers)

  13. These pages are awesome Johanna- beautiful imagery,color and texture- a lot of thoughtful and creative work here!

  14. Absolutely gorgeous, delicate and fun! Love it!

  15. Oooooh Johanna! I love I love Ilove!!!!

  16. This is lovely Johanna! You are in my prayers too.

  17. Johanna your journal artwork is amazing...beautiful job.

  18. Das sieht mal wieder super aus,
    sehr schön!!

  19. These pages are absolutely wonderful! It takes a true artist to make beauty like this.

  20. Johanna, I am absolutely blown away by this .. and I loved to read how it came together for you .. you have such an amazing creative talent.

    I am sending you healing thoughts, Johanna, for a good outcome and a speedy recovery from your surgery.

  21. Such gorgeous pages Johanna. I love the clever way you attached the plant material.
    Hope you are better and out of the hospital soon.

  22. Liebe Johanna,
    Deine Kunstwerke gefallen mir sehr ! Ich sehe hier Farben und "Muster" in einer ganz besonderen Art.
    Habe hier noch viel zu entdecken :)
    Liebe Grüße

  23. WOW capturing the poppy on your pages turned out fabulously Johanna and extra special having your son be so thoughtful and spark your idea!
    The heat is on here too in Virginia ;)
    Happy Summer Days!
    p.s. enjoyed the extra closeups of the texture and details of your cool pages!

  24. Two beautiful pages and I'm so glad you showed the close ups so we can see the texture and small details. Love how you've used the poppy stencils.

  25. This is absolutely gorgeous! I truly love it. Mina

  26. Das ist eine wunderschöne Seite, wirklich beeindruckend.
    LG Barbara


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