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Sunday, September 22, 2013

take-a-word: mailart

"Please Read the Letter" is a song originally recorded by Robert Plant and Jimmy Page for the 1998 album "Walking into Clarksdale". It was released as the second single of the album.
Plant and Alison Krauss later recorded a version of the song for their collaboration album "Raising Sand". The song was well received by critics, and won the Record of the Year award at the 2009 Grammy Awards.
i really recommend to listen to this song on you tube
i promise you won´t regret!! actually i really love the whole cd!

faux postage robert plant made by me.
lots of stamps (custom made and store bought); excerpts from the song.
big alpha: heindesign


  1. Danke für den link, ich mag dieses Lied.
    Deine Seite ist toll.

  2. STANDING OVATION!! This is a fascinating journal spread, Johanna. Loud applause from my corner!

  3. Na, das ist ja dein Thema. Ein tolles Werk ist entstanden. Das Lied werde ich mir nachher mal anhören.

  4. Great page, with the depth of colour and stamping making a wonderful background, and the letter and ...everything! Listening to the music now, thanks for the link - it goes perfectly with your artwork.

  5. Awesome pages, Johanna, love your 'hands-on' art!
    Off to listen to the music - fab duo!

  6. Oh .. and a standing ovation from me too, Johanna. The depth you've created in this page is exceptional and that's before we get to the letter and the lyrics AND the custom made postage. Exquisite.

  7. Gorgeous journal pages, Johanna. All elements are so perfect.

  8. Very interesting and put in alott of thought your art pieces.

    I enjoyed it very much all. Fab.

    Mine is over at my blog.

    Please drop in and comment. Will appreciate it.

    I will look at more of your work on your page after. Must go clean up Breakfast table.

  9. Great song love the lyrics...and beautiful journal pages...lovely work.

  10. Wonderful journal pages Johanna and great background colors, also applause from me.

  11. Great pages Johanna! You always come up with such creative ideas! x

  12. Wonderful pages, Johanna. I don't know the song so thanks for giving the link. Jx

  13. Thank you for bringing this CD and that song in particular to my attention again dear Johanna.
    I have the CD but haven't listened to it for awhile (where does the time go!)...
    it was nice to hear the song again which was great inspiration for your super pages...
    I like what you're doing with pockets too!

    Happy October!

  14. WOW,Wundervolle seiten hast du wieder gemacht Johanna,ich bin begeistert von jeder einzelnen seite,einfach genial.

    GLG Jeannette


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