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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

three muses challenge: eyes

my sons always thought this song was from limp bizkit,
until i set them to knowledge that this kind of good music must come from the 70ies;)
actually the song is from the who, year 1971.
and i LOVE it!

i found this stencil recently at a fleamarket and i thought it would be perfect for the music of this time

the eyes are glued on like a pocket, so they can hold little tags.
background frame stamped with foam stamps cut from tim holtz/sizzix - dies.
alpha from ma vinci.
numbers stencil from crafters workshop.


  1. I love your unique hand made art, Johanna. You are very talented.

  2. Very appropriate and intriguing art for the theme, lots of eyes and a song. I enjoyed the details of how you made it too, some of it which I might have missed - the stencil, eyes as pockets (!).

  3. Love your creative ideas, Johanna, the 'hands-on' art makes it even more special!
    Hope everything is coming along well for you, too.

  4. Sehr cool und die Schablone ist ein guter Fang...

  5. Wonderful, wonderful hand made art Johanna! I hope you are recovering well! xx

  6. So many layers made for a beautiful art piece, Johanna.


  7. Well no work, only art is not a bad thing! I always enjoy the creativity of your work, Johanna, and your new pens look wondrous! This is a great 70's piece. I do hope your recovery goes smoothly, and you enjoy making art along the way!

  8. das sieht ja cool aus!
    Werd bald ganz gesund Johanna!

    xxx Susi

  9. Johanna, I think this is a masterpiece. I love everything about it - The gorgeous background with the stamped edging and especially the superb painterly touches on the portrait of (I think) Roger Daltrey of the Who. Thanks so much for taking us on a journey through the creation of this piece. FABULOUS.

  10. What a very unique take on the theme this week, Johanna .. totally love your 'eye pockets. 'You have such wonderfully creative ideas, my friend.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery too.

  11. Was für eine tolle Doppelseite - die ist mal wieder total genial. Von den Stiften habe ich bislang noch nichts gehört... muss ich mich direkt mal schlau machen... oder besser doch nicht :D
    Mach dir nur keinen Stress wegen der Kommentare, Erholung ist wichtiger.

  12. This is super in so many ways Johanna...especially like that you are using your Braille paper with the 'eyes' theme too!
    Kids are funny...
    Some years ago our eldest son came home and said WOW you have to hear this new band they are fantastic...
    it was Led Zeppelin ...
    we got a good laugh out of music that was almost 30 years old was new to him :)
    What's old is new as the saying goes

  13. oh and that stencil is very cool as well!

  14. Dieses geniale Buch will ich auf jeden Fall im Original sehen! Dieses Blau ist fantastisch! Oh, da hast du dir mit den vielen Stiften ja richtig was gegönnt - fragt sich nur, wie lang sie halten. Dank deines Tipps benutze ich den Weißen und bin begeistert.
    Liebe Grüße von Ulrike

  15. I love "Behind Blue Eyes". My daughter loves it too and since the word is "love", I am going to repeat myself and say again that I love your
    creativity and imagination!

  16. Quite unique piece of art! Well done once again, Johanna! :)

  17. Wow, there is so much detail in this page - love the pockets the eyes create. Love that stencil too. Great work.


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