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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

three-muses-challenge: alter a footstep

well, i´m not a saint, but i try my best to do so...
i´m sure you know about everybody´s ecological footstep (try to find out about your own:

digital collage created with a background photo of my own
(framed with a freebie from flickr)
footstep-leaves found via google, transformed to png + shadowed;
font is lucida handwriting (with drop shadows + bevel&emboss)


  1. das ist richtig cool!

    Auch Deine Ballon Idee ist genial!

    und dachte ich mir doch fast , dass Du bei den Bad Aiblinger Künstlerinnen dabei warst!

    super Gemeinschaftsjournalseiten habt Ihr da gemacht!


  2. What a great idea to create your awesome entry with an important message, Johanna!

  3. What a great idea and message Johanna! Wonderful! xx

  4. What a great idea and message Johanna! Wonderful! xx

  5. This would make a wonderful poster with a message, Johanna! I love the background and those leaf footprints are amazing. Loud applause from Yorkshire.

  6. This is fun with such a great message! A lovely design :)

  7. A great message and a wonderful illustration. Johanna, I love your very creative use of footprints. Fantastic!!

  8. A great picture and piece of advice Johanna.
    I wanted to tell you that I really don't spend much time at all on finding lyrics and poems I have so many floating around in my head and when I get stuck I look on is a wonderful resource.

  9. Das ist eine super Idee, klasse digitales Werk.

  10. A wonderful "take" on the challenge, Johanna. Your originality always amazes me!

  11. Definitely an important message! I'm so glad we recycle.

  12. A great message, Johanna! Just beautiful! :)
    Have a lovely Thursday ahead.

  13. A beautiful piece, Johanna, with such an important message. Thank you!

  14. Nice photo collage and good words to follow.


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