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Friday, December 20, 2013


not. so far...
we had one day with very little (1 cm?) snow this winter, not noteworthy...
well, i do not miss it really.
as long as the sun shines. (would shine... it often is dreary and foggy here and the sun stays in higher regions...)
fresh snow certainly has it´s magic, brings silence... but i´m not a winter sports person, so i can abstain...

so this photo is from last winter.
i liked how the heaps of shoveled snow threw a shadow (top of the picture) that looked like sky behind mountains.
i added some self-made brushes to the "scene" and a ttv frame.


  1. I really like this - simple but effective.
    Hope you PC isn't causing you too many problems. Jx

  2. Eine schöne seite Johanna,sehr creativ,die sonne zum schnee gefällt mir,das könnten wir hier auch gut gebrauchen,aber leider,leider haben wir wieder mal keinen schnee zu weihnachten *grmpf*

    XXX Jeannette

  3. I do like this ! Clever with the snow piled up; does look like mountains. You are so creative; but I knew that :)

    Happy Holidays! xo


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