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Thursday, January 31, 2013

moo mania: postage stamps

for the moo mania challenge (a moo is a little card sized 2.8 x 7 centimeters, or approximately 1.1 x 2.8 inches)

i love to make "hybrids", which means combining "handmade" & digital
 background sprayed with colorwash sprays

ich liebe es immer mehr, "hybride" zu machen, mischungen aus "handgemachtem" und digitalem.
hier ist der hintergrund gesprayt mit den guten alten colorwashs

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

three muses challenge: stripes

background: tangie_Tangibles_015
bee and bee comb: ViVa_AboutBees
font: horse puke

find the other contributions to the challenge here

Sunday, January 27, 2013

grandma´s recipe book / take-a-word

actually, this recipe book is not from MY grandma, but i bought it on ebay.
the recipe for the strawberry cake is at the bottom of this page - i scanned it and merged it with a wallpaper photo i found on a free site. added the tape (cvisions_mishmash_tapestash / scrapbookgraphics) and used the font disgusting behavior.

... und "grad so" kann ichs auch noch lesen:
zutaten: 1/2 pfd butter, 6 eier, 6 eßlöffel zucker, 1 pfd mehl, 1 päckchen backpulver
zubereitung: butter und zucker schaumig rühren, dann mehl und backpulver zugeben und die eier, das ganze in eine springform schütten, das obst darauf legen und eine knappe stunde backen.
[ich vermute mal, die oma hat hier geschlampt beim schreiben... die haben doch die erdbeeren wohl nicht mitgebacken?]

Saturday, January 19, 2013

SPA: stars

the challenge theme at SPA is "stars"...

background free from flickr
cancer plate from scrapbookgraphics (viva celestial)
font: misproject

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

the three muses: journaling a quote

here a page from my file folder journal, made with a lot of spraying, stenciling, rubber stamping, including a photo from a blossom i edited with the word "shy", taped it to the page, some other little scraps added... the quote from anais nin is printed on old ledger and glued on.

and i have another sample, digital - worked with the stuff from tangie´s art journal caravan (background, bird, logo on upper left) and selfmade brushes/text.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

AJC 2013 - word of the week: time

background paper: tangie baxter - AJC2013 paper 8
logo upper right: tangie, AJC2013 kit
photo from edward s. curtis
font: polaroid 22 (in # 631247), beveled and embossed

 brushes by myself

and wrinkles are the theme of the upcoming take-a-word challenge

Monday, January 14, 2013

AJC 2013 - nr 575/12

background paper: tangie baxter (scrapbookgraphics), AJC 13 /9
left side paper: viva celestial trashpaper3 (scrapbookgraphics)
tape: holliewoodstudios (deviantscrap)
green/yellow splashes upper right: i think from tangie also, lost track...
logo lower left: AJC 2013 kit from tangie
framed by a texture from shadowhouse creations
all the rest are brushes from myself

Sunday, January 13, 2013

take-a-word: fantasy

i have the honor to be guest hosting the take-a-word challenge for the upcoming week.
i made another spread in my capolan book.

AJC - my stamp

oh my, i think i´m getting side tracked from my hand works - i decided to take the art journal caravan from tangie baxter at this year... i had an itching already last year, but now the time had come... and i´m afraid, it will take more hours at the pc than i had planned. but it is gooooood stuff, tangie provides so many yummy items, i sure won´t regret.
anyway. first thing was to choose a word of the year and make it a digital stamp.
so i decided to go with my word from the last post and googled for a symbol representing "confidence". i came across the lion and searched for a copyright free image. found one in an over 100 years old biology book. scanned it and made the stamp (the oval, stars and year were provided by tangie in one of her numerous generous downloads).
and mmf is for mixedmediafun of course.
the start is done.
au weia. meine handgewerkelten sachen werden wohl zeitlich drunter leiden, aber ich hab mich jetzt doch entschlossen, dieses jahr am art journal caravan teilzunehmen (nachdem es mich letztes jahr schon gejuckt hatte). konnte einfach nicht mehr widerstehen. das zeug, das tangie baxter da so bietet, ist einfach zu verführerisch.
es ging jetzt erst mal los mit einem selbstgemachten digitalen stempel. man soll ein wort des jahres wählen und das dann umsetzen... ich blieb bei meinem "confidence" und via google fand ich den löwen als symbol dafür heraus. also einen löwen aus einem uralt-bio-buch gescannt und los gings. die konstruktionsvorlagen gabs von tangie als gratis download (es gibt echt wahnsinnig viel  tolles zusatzmaterial von ihr, ich werd es sicher nicht bereuen. außer vielleicht zeitlich.).
mmf steht natürlich für mixedmedia (und lässt vielleicht auch ein grollen des löwen erahnen;))
der anfang ist gemacht.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

art project: prayer flags

it´s been a while now that i was planning to make an art project with my pupils... prayer flags. 
i´m not an art teacher, but for biology and religious affairs, and i wanted to transform the idea of the tibetan prayer flags to our culture. 
i thought to make some samples to show them which direction we can go, and this one is my first.

i started here with the word "zuversicht", translates: confidence.
could be my word of the year (if i would have to choose one; but actually i´m not sure i want to concentrate on one word, as this project will bring up many more...)
from my stash i chose this honeycomb fabric and thought i might pick up one comb to transform it into a sun. did this by stitching around with yellow yarn. highlighted the sun with (cheap) acrylic color. stippled the letters with black acrylic color. so it was mostly done.
but i wanted to have a little extra embellishing and picked up some letter beads to spell the english translation on top of it. ready to hang now.
[size is 20 x 30 cm]

the take-a-word challenge for the upcoming week asks for "exploring your thoughts about what place art has in your life"...
for me creating art is a very important possibility to free my mind from everyday´s trouble (work, health etc) and focus on playing with anything i can imagine. for me it´s therapeuthic for sure.
dieses projekt hab ich schon länger im hinterkopf - jetzt wird es gestartet! mit meinen schülern der 10. klasse möchte ich gebetsfahnen machen (angelehnt an die idee mit den tibetischen, nur übertragen in unseren kultur-/religionsbereich). dazu wollte ich natürlich erst mal ein paar muster anfertigen, und das hier ist das erste davon. [größe: din-a-4]
sollte ich ein wort wählen für 2013, wäre "zuversicht" bestimmt ganz vorne dabei - weil ich  ganz gern manchmal mehr davon hätte. ich weiß nicht, ob es sich "üben" lässt, mal sehen...

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

three-muses-challenge: circles

another spread in my altered book "capolan"
for the circles theme