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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

three-muses-challenge: still life

the current challenge is:
"Still Life" where the challenge is to create a "less is more" collage featuring one or two (or more) everyday items on an uncluttered background. Simplicity is the keyword.
here is what i came up with.
background paper blue water-paper from shadowhouse.
font: rochester [drop shadow + bevel &emboss]
eggs: my huge stash of vintage pictures 


  1. Wow- I really like this collage Johanna!

  2. Das spricht mich total an - Farben,Schlichtheit,...

  3. I love all those different sizes of eggs. How clever! A wonderful sample today Johanna! xx

  4. Very beautiful "simple" art work.
    Love all items, Johanna.

  5. Beautiful simplicity, Johanna, unique piece!

  6. WOW, das sieht klasse aus!
    Ich dachte schon, du hättest Hühner. Gänse und Enten daheim, bis ich sah, dass du das Fotos in deinem Vorrat hattest.
    Jedenfalls ist das eine tolle Arbeit, die mich begeistert!

  7. So beautiful! I REALLY REALLY, REALLY like this, Johanna. Fabulous art. Jx

  8. Wie fantastisch ist das denn? Dein Bild hat gleich ein Lächeln auf mein Gesicht gezaubert. Ich liebe es!
    Alles Liebe, Manuela

  9. I like the coloured eggs and the font, another of your fabulous font finds. I love this whole picture, there's something so attractive about it.

  10. Ah! This is delightful Johanna. I love the eggs and the beautiful background. Perfect in every way.

  11. This is exquisitely framable, Johanna! I can see it hanging in some obstetrician's posh waiting room!!

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  13. I love this! The different colors of eggs are just wonderful! I guess keeping it simple is beautiful.

  14. Hihi ist ja witzig.
    Nebenbei bemerkt, ich habe auch nicht auf den Link geklickt, den Kommentar aber gelöscht.

  15. I love the simplicity of your beautiful collage! Doesn't Jerry at Shadowhouse make the nicest backgrounds? I used one of his in my collage this week as well!

    Great job!


  16. There is something absolutely peaceful, calm and beautiful about this, Johanna. Take a standing ovation, my friend.

  17. Mein Gott, Johanna!
    Diese Karte strahlt für mich so viel Wärme, Liebe und Schönheit aus!Einfach nur toll!!!!!!!!!
    GLG Conny

  18. I'm speechless Johanna!
    This one deserves a huge format in a great exposition!
    Really! I mean it!

  19. Great combination of words and image. They play off each other!

  20. Your still life is fabulous...something about those eggs
    and such a variety...
    very cool Johanna!

  21. This is wonderful so original and beautiful too.

  22. I love your simple still life. An egg is the perfect example of simplicity.


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