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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

3-muses: steam/smoke/clouds

 i realized that on my egg-piece actually the steam (in form of smoke or clouds) was missing, so i made another piece for the 3-muses challenge.
i altered a real postage stamp (see below) digitally into a faux one.
i took the clouds as the "smoke on the water" and transformed them into "deep purple".
"machine head" was the album name, on which this famous song was released in 1972.
and the single reached number 4 on the billboard pop singles chart in the united states (so maybe i should have named it 4$, but as the band is british...)


  1. Great work, Johanna. And the song, of cause!

  2. I love stamps and mail art too so this one appeals to me greatly! Gorgeous artwork as always. Love the colours.

  3. What a beautiful and elegant tribute to this emblemático song.

  4. Steam/Smoke/Clouds/Beautiful...a lovely picture Johanna.

  5. I love the stamp work you've been doing of late, Johanna. Very clever (and meaningful) use of the #4!

  6. The colors are beautiful! It would be great to have real stamps like that.

  7. Dadadaa da da dadaa... einfach klasse! Und ich hab' jetzt 'nen Ohrwurm...

  8. Boah, da bleibt mir mal wieder der Mund offen stehen. Dein Fertigkeiten mit dem Fotobearbeitungsprogramm sind klasse. Die Marke ist der Hit .... viel schöner als das Original.

  9. I remember that Deep Purple song!! I love the colors of your clouds!! Very psychedelic!!!


  10. Oh, I take my hat off to you for this one, Johanna. The artwork is amazing and its dedication to Machine Head perfect. A standing ovation on its way from Yorkshire.

  11. Wow, your new version of the stamp is stunning, Johanna. Such wonderful colours. (I like the original as well!)

  12. Superb Johanna! I am sorry but it is end of term here and I've been correcting tests and evaluating students.Super crazy life!

  13. And fire in the sky...
    I love the colors and your idea is clever!
    Beautiful artwork Johanna! :)


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