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Monday, March 03, 2014

take-a-word: numbers

three more of my zetti-atcs
 backgrounds: numbers stamp (custom) on the left one, the other ones stenciled;
faces: teesha moore
 some custom made stamps (stempel malter) involved: text on the right one translates "normality is overrated"... 
face on the left one: printed onto transparency, painted on the back and glued on;
doodles and imagine banner: hidden_vintage_studios: tangled up
key signs on the right one: masking tape


  1. Wonderful zetti style ATCs.
    Have a great Mach, Johanna.

  2. So colourful, Johanna, love your eye-popping zetti ATCs!

  3. Oh; I love your Zetti's! Wonderful, colorful, and imaginative! xo

  4. Love your Zetti cards Johanna, gorgeous! xx

  5. Ha Johanna, Zettis sind immer eine Augenweide, genialschön.

  6. These are really good fun with some unusual designs and the black and white edging sets off the colours so well. If I had to choose I'd have the middle one!

  7. Your Zetti style is fabulous these would make great postage stamps...wonderful work.

  8. So schön farbenfroh! Zettis muß ich auch noch machen....
    Alles Liebe, Manuela

  9. These little works of art have an inordinate amount of work within, Johanna. Beautiful work!

  10. Wonderful Zetti fun, Johanna. Super cool.

  11. I love zetti! Your ATCs are wonderful!

  12. Absolutely zetti,
    absolutily beautiful!
    I would like having so unique post stamps!!
    Good job Johanna! :)

  13. More fabulous stamps - the zetti style looks so good.


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