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Monday, March 31, 2014

take-a-word: stars

a star. really.

background spray painted and scanned. 
star brushes freebies from the internet. 
bowie photo googled. 


  1. Wonderful! I love your take on stars! xo

  2. I can easily imagin Bowie on the stars of the space;) Your art is always so creative, Johanna.

  3. And where can I buy it? Great tribute to great DB.

  4. Oh ja, ein echte Star -ich mag seine Lieder total gerne. Super hommage.

  5. ...and if you don't think so, just ask him! I love your train of thought, Johanna!!

  6. Yes, a star if there is any...
    Wonderful tribute and so touching words...
    Beautifully done dear Johanna! :)

  7. Well! I'm glad he told us the recipe! Otherwise, we might not have known!!

    I love your collage, Dear Johanna!!!


  8. Definitely a star! He probably wants you to add a little vodka.

  9. I love David Bowie, Johanna. Great tribute!

  10. Er ist auch mein absoluter Liebling!
    Übrigens gibt es am Samstag auf Arte um 22:00 Uhr ein Portrait, eine Stunde lang!

  11. Loving this colour combo and the gorgeous blending, Johanna. A great tribute to the man!

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