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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

three-muses-challenge: spring

background: roseyposey (sbg)
framing: chicks_n_ducks (sbg)
banksy zebra from the internet (reworked)
font: for the one hundreth time
(wächst zwischen den steinen vor der haustür, man darf nur nicht immer zu sorgfältig sauber machen;))
(if you don´t clean too thoroughly, some flowers also settle between the stones...)
fonts: beyond wonderland + fine hand


  1. Beautiful and sweet photos Johanna!
    I love them!
    And, hahaha! I love a lot your funny salutations to this new spring too!
    You're a talented lady!!!
    (I'm late for the green challenge...)

  2. Oh, boo! Why did you have to go and remind me about Spring cleaning!! Now I have to get to work. As always, lovely art, Johanna.

  3. I adore your beautiful blossoms but the spring cleaning I can do without...great work.

  4. What a clever take on the theme, Johanna and clever use of the Banksy art, too! Love it!

  5. Dieser Frühjahrsputz ist echt ein Kracher!

  6. Yes, spring is time of cleaning. I cleaned my drawers for the challenge;)
    Wonderful, clever art piece, Johanna.
    Lovely flowers, too!

  7. Every one is a winner, Johanna, but the first is an absolute hoot. Bravo, my friend.

  8. the flower potos are beautiful, but the spring cleaning image stole my heart, so funny :)

  9. Ich liebe diesen Frühjahrsputz von dir - Riesenfreude heute!
    (und 1000 Dank, alles angekommen!)
    Welch wunderschöne Blumen du in deinem Garten hast!

  10. Oh my! That zebra is so funny! what a great piece.

    And I love your flowers too.

  11. I love your flowers so much! And the zebra adds a bit of fun to a not-so-much-fun task! Great work!


  12. Johanna, you always surprise me. Your art is unique, my friend!

  13. Your beautiful "volunteer" blooms look perfect coming up between the cracks Johanna and your other flowers are gorgeous too ... Happy Spring (we are still waiting for signs here in Virginia!)

    Your Zebra getting his strips cleaned is really put a smile on my face
    Thank you!

  14. Hihi... das Zebrawerk ist einen fetten Grinser wert.
    Deine Blumenfotos sind klasse.

  15. Your photos are so beautiful, Johanna, and your piece for the Three Muses is brilliant. I am still smiling!


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