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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

three-muses-challenge: hats

here i combined two photos i made in munich last week: a red japanese maple (botanical garden) and a stone figure (graveyard) with a kind of cap or hat. 
i framed the picture with a grunge edge effect from artistry.
another photo from last week: graffiti found in a passage underground
(with a free ttv-framing from flickr only)


  1. besonders ansprechend ist die Kombination dieses flaumig fedrig pastelligen Hintegrundes gegen den harten -unvergänglichen Stein...
    super auch dieses Garagentor ...Hammer!

  2. Awesome artworks. They are something special and well done, Johanna.

  3. You take the most interesting photos, Johanna, then use them to create magnificent pieces, well done!

  4. You have been on a creative roll, Johanna, and then you've brought your photos home and made them into even more wonderful art. I love them all.

  5. This grave stone is a treasure Johanna, and what you've done with it is simply awesome.
    Chapeau bas!

  6. Boah, wie genial. Deine digitalen Fähigkeiten hätte ich gerne.

  7. Johanne, a fine idea to combine photos, the stone figure now have a beautiful background, fun graffiti image.

  8. That hat of stone must be awfully heavy! The bees seem to be wearing theirs well. :-) (It must be time for bed. My comments are getting quite stupid.)

  9. Das ist ja ein ungewöhnliches und witziges Graffiti - die moderne Biene Maja?
    Ich freu mich auch immer, wenn ich tolle Graffitis entdecke...
    LG Ulrike
    ...kriegst du jetzt wieder deine Blogmails?


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