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Saturday, June 14, 2014

seth apter: buried treasure

seth apter again came up with the wonderful idea of showing "buried treasures"...
and digging in the past i found a book i still like after quite a few years - and even re-photographed it for this post (as i have a better camera now). 
it was one of my first "altered books" and i predominantly worked with stamps, magazine cut-outs, mulberry paper, tinted old book pages, fibers and other collage stuff.

now please take your time (and a cup of coffee or tea, if you like) and hopefully enjoy the details of the book. you can click and enlarge. 
thanks for taking the time to look and of course i would be very happy to get your opinion in the comments. 

i wanted to fill the album with the content of macbeth´s "3-witches"-text, so i divided the text into 24 parts, inserted the text pieces (printed on cardstock) in the empty "envelopes" and collaged the pages accordingly.
size of the pages: 10x10 inches, 25x25 cm


  1. I love this. I also found one of these books at my local thrift store, but had no idea what to do with it once I got it home. Mine is not in as exceptional shape as yours, but you have definitely inspired me. Thank you for that.

  2. Das Buch ist einfach genial, Johanna! Es hat mir schon damals gefallen!!!

    Schönen Sonntag und liebe Grüße

  3. Mac B...da waren wir damals mit dem Deutsch-LK im Theater in einer super Aufführung.Deine Idee finde ich mitsamt der Umsetzung grandios.

  4. Eine ganz großartige Idee, dieses wunderbare Buch noch einmal aus der Versenkung zu holen - das Anschauen macht total Spaß.

    So, so, du hast eine neue Kamera...
    Sie macht auf jeden Fall hervorragende Bilder!
    Ganz neugierige Grüße von Ulrike

  5. Wicked fun! It is like a precious book of spells. Each page a wonder in itself, but as a whole, definitely enchanting.

  6. Dieses Projekt finde ich nach wie vor megaklasse. Der Aufwand hat sich gelohnt, ein echtes Sahnestück.

  7. What a treasure you have created, Johanna, I imagine that it would have taken quite a while to make & source the elements! A marvellous example of mixed media!!!

  8. Wouaouh Jo, it's a HUGE artwork and marvelous idea!
    I always liked real collages, but, I must say, yours is impressive! :)
    Bravo Johanna!!

  9. Das sind wirklich viele Seiten und es hat sicher einige Zeit gebraucht um dieses Buch zu vollenden. Doch es hat sich vollkommen gelohnt. Alleine die Idee einen Text so zu illustrieren finde ich sehr inspirierend! Dann die ganzen Texturen durch die unterschiedlichen Materialien ist einfach nur toll. Bitte mehr davon;)
    Alles Liebe, Manuela

  10. Great altered book store creation Johanna.
    WOWEE you put alot of creativity into each and every page to illustrate Macbeth!

  11. Nicht nur, dass das ganze Projekt eine geniale Idee ist... da dran zu bleiben ist auch nochmal extra lobenswert...(großes Lob an die ausdauernde Künstlerin)
    und wow.. jede einzelne Collage ist ein Hammer...
    ich bin begeistert davon!
    schöne neue Woche Johanna--


  12. I revisited the play, Macbeth, this past winter, and your mixed media book really resonates the feeling of the play. I admire how you finished this amazing project given it's number of pages! Thanks for the buried treasure visit.

  13. Fabulous and what a wonderful trip! Thank you.

  14. I don't think I'm going to sleep tonight! Wonderful work!

  15. This is my third or fourth visit to these amazing pages. It is so sad that so much wonderful artwork is buried in the depths of our blogs, so it was really good to see this and thanks for all the effort of re-photographing.


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