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Monday, July 28, 2014

take-a-word: poppies

i photographed a lot of poppies this year.
  so i wanted to incorporated one of these shots (here one from the corn fields) into this collage.
background is from 2 lil owls and the other elements from cvisions (sbg)
frame: shadowhouse
another photo layered with a texture from cruzine (bought in a designcuts deal).
anais nin quote with font daft brush (also bought in a designcuts deal)
for me poppies are really a synonym for summer
font hedgerow, clipping masked with a free flickr texture.
the black magick 10 texture from shadowhouse makes the picture glow.


  1. Oh such gorgeous work and photographs! I love the quotes too....Beautiful! xx

  2. All of these are so lovely. I like the first one with the circles, but my favourite is the second with that really good font.

  3. What an explosion of joy!
    For me too, poppies are an hymn to summer.
    And you've spoiled us with three exquisite works!
    Thank you Johanna! :)

  4. Love the quotes- and Poppies- what can I say- just beautiful! All three of your pieces are wonderful Johanna! xo ")

  5. Sehr schön Johanna und
    der Spruch ist klasse.

  6. A trilogy of wonderfulness!! I love them all, but I find the bud to be my favorite. The quote has some very deep wisdom to accompany the beautiful poppy bud. Bravo, Johanna!

  7. Three glorious collages, Johanna. Love the stitched paper flowers on the last journal page, by the way.

  8. Love what you have done with those summertime poppies Johanna...
    that ANin quote is one of my favs too!
    I remember visiting my German cousin Rita many many years ago and on her table she had a feldstrauss (spelling?) with poppies, cornflowers and wheat picked from a nearby field...I have never forgotten how that looked and how it made me feel!
    Thank you for bringing up the memory with your lovely creations

  9. Oh Johanna, was für traumhaft schöne Werke. Ich kann mich gar nicht entscheiden welches davon mir am besten gefällt.

  10. Love the riot of colour in these pieces, Johanna, and the quotes you've added just make them sing. Long live your camera is what I say! :D

  11. Es geht nichts über die Schönheit vom Mohn - du hast sie mit deinen Bildern wunderbar eingefangen und so passend untermalt!
    LG Ulrike

  12. Das mittlere Foto gefällt mir besonders gut - kurz vor der (Farb-)Explosion.


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