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Sunday, August 24, 2014


showing some of my edinburgh photos today...

first thing: there are a lot of festivals going on in august in edinburgh, it is said to be THE festival town of the world at this time
famous are the military tattoo, the book festival, and of course the fringe, which includes a lot of street artists

st giles cathedral
canongate kirk cemetery
 calton hill
right beside the parliament and located in holyrood park: arthur´s seat;
you can climb it for a good view over the city and beyond.
("town house": usually provided a council meeting chamber, a court house and a jail)
 and if it was too windy or rainy, we always found a cozy tea room:)
dean village:
a village amidst the town, idyllic old charm
it leads to the dean gardens at the water of leith,
where in earlier centuries up to 11 water mills were grinding the wheat for the people´s bread
if you love second hand shopping, you are right in the quarter of stockbridge:
many charity sellers of old bracelets, books, clothes etc for a bargain.
delicious cakes and scones in the royal botanical garden,
and of course plants, too;)
old town
assembly hall and ramsey garden
the royal yacht britannia...
the sunny veranda at the upper deck; and if the royals were bored, they played "wombat-tennis"... here the poor guy on the ventilator
another nice quarter: leith


  1. WOW was für ein Fülle an Eindrücken, danke fürs Teilen der schönen Fotos und noch viel Spaß, wenn Du noch dort bist.
    LG Anja

  2. Wow, you certainly got around!!

    I live in Edinburgh, so I can appreciate just how wonderful your photos are! So glad to see you had such a good time, and at least it did not rain the whole time!

  3. I really enjoyed seeing Edinburgh through your lenses, Johanna! :) Glad you had fun. You'll have a fab photo-book of your trip.
    Have a happy Monday.

  4. What a wonderful tour through Edinburgh and Pitlochry too. It was fascinating to see Edinburgh through your eyes. You certainly covered a lot of ground on your visit. I'l have to investigate that cafe in Rose Street, looks good. Great photographs.

  5. wow I love your fab photos, am sure you had a great time. Annette x

  6. Eeeendlich komme ich mal wieder zu einer Blogrunde. Keine Ahnung wieso, aber mir läuft momentan echt die Zeit davon.
    Vielen Dank für's Zeigen dieser wunderschönen Fotos - ich bin hin und weg.

  7. Was eine grossartige Diashow :) Es sieht aus, als hättest Du viel Spass gehabt beim Besichtigen und lecker Kuchen essem :) Danke fürs Teilhabenlassen ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  8. I was here visiting Edinburgh with you the other day and I could not leave a comment...
    I have returned and enjoyed looking at your fab photos all over again.
    What a great time you had...
    so happy you shared some photos from your adventures...what I would give for a gorgeous scone


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