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Friday, August 01, 2014

MiFoC august {woche 1 - schuhe/shoes}

there are mysteries of the past we can´t answer... i´m sure you know that: finding an old photo on the flea market and wondering about the people shown on it - which life did they have, were they happy or not etc.

recently i was mystified by this find:
it is a shoe of rusted wire.
placed on a grave in the protestant graveyard in augsburg.

the shoe, the conifer, the two names. nothing else.

so my head went spinning: 
i suppose they were mother and daughter. mother married, daughter died at the young age of 21.
why is the husband of luise not in this grave? (divorced? not very common at this time... missed in the war?)
and what could it be about the shoe?
is it a symbol for both of them?
an elegant shoe.
were they shoemakers? (women at this time?? not very likely...)
were they women of society? (or of the shady side?)
 known for their fashion interest?
questions, questions...
no details given, but this grave still exists... normally graves are abandoned after 15 or 20 years... here the last funeral (of luise) was 40 years ago... so are there still descendants?
i googled a lot but couldn´t find any hint. 
so i have to compose a story myself...

you can find the other participants of manuelas challenge here.


  1. Johanna, DANKE! Aus meinem tiefsten Herzen liebe ich diesen Post von Dir! Diese Geschichte, die in unseren Köpfen entsteht, und das Foto sind einfach wunderschön und geheimnisvoll. Schade, daß uns doch soviele Rätsel verborgen bleiben.
    Alles Liebe, Manuela

  2. Lovely photo, and fascinating speculation.

  3. That fabulous wire shoe would have definitely caught my eye too Johanna!
    Your thoughts on the matter are all valid...very mysterious and most unusual...
    great shoe offering for Manuela's first August challenge...
    I have my thinking cap on
    Happy beginning of the weekend.

  4. So ein toller Beitrag zur MiFoc-Challenge!
    Deswegen gehe ich ja auch so gerne auf Friedhöfe, für mich sind das lebendige Orte.
    Die Tochter ist noch während des Krieges gestorben... und der Vater sicher nicht zurück gekehrt...
    Ja, ich verstehe, dass dieses Grab dich so lang beschäftigt hat.
    Liebe Grüße
    Ulrike - wieder da!

  5. johanna, i look forward to the story you weave about the two souls and the rusty wire shoe...
    Great photo and now my mind is spinning also! hugs")

  6. Da hast du aber ein interessantes Foto mitgebracht. In der Tat möchte mehr über die Hintergründe wissen.

  7. What an interesting find Johanna!! And a great occasion to let your imagination run! So many questions about this stange shoe ans about the persons in the grave. Great post!! Thanks for sharing!Best wishes.


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